A Day in Jack’s Life {September} | Goldsboro Lifestyle Photographer

I am taking an online workshop to help me get out of my funk I seem to be in. Moving is hard and this move has been particularly hard on us. This weeks assignment was to photograph a day in the life of our kid or your life or whatever we choose. If you follow the blog or Jacks life youll know Im no newbie to these and Ive done a few before (here and here.) But this week was not our week. Anyway, weeks like this happen but I guess this week is WAY better than last week so Ill take it. Every morning Jack wakes up and checks the window to see if Daddy is home. He flew a lot of nights this week so he was home most mornings but this wont typically be the usual. Poor Jack.He helped me decorate for Halloween. We picked these mice up from the dollar store the other day and he had been itching to put them up.Last week we .. or well we paid (since we arent doctors) for Skippy’s other eye to come out. It has been an ok adjustment. Im really just excited for her cone to come off. Its making navigation hard for her and I really wish she could just learn to walk in a straight line. It’s like she’s walking around all drunk all the time. I expect her to do one thing and off she goes doing something completely different. She has also been driving us NUTS scratching her back all the time since I guess she cant reach it right now? Oh man. So annoying.Jack is being homeschooled this year and so far it is going pretty well. He is already showing us what he’s learned and it’s really fun being his teacher. He really likes sorting things so I saw this fruit sorting pie and knew it was for Jack. Of course he loved it. It’s going to take a bit to one hand the tongs but he’s working on it. We’ve also been playing a fair amount of hi Ho Cherry- o. He is also oddly good at winning but I’ve beaten him once and I think Neil has also beat him a few times.We were headed into Raleigh for the day..we had lunch with my friend Autumn and her daughter Lana. I brought my camera in but.. talked instead of photographs..which is really unfortunate because they we’re being really adorable together. He really wanted a cookie where we ate lunch but I had other plans to take him to Costco and get ice cream but he told me he’d rather have a cookie. Starbucks it is. We hadnt actually gone to a Starbucks since we left Washington and it was nice being back. Though I miss our neighborhood starbucks in Washington. ;(I was on a mission to find a few random things that Ross/Marshalls/TJMaxx typically carry and.. didnt find it. Bummer. Oh well, Jack mostly has a good time shopping as long as he can look at the toys for a few minutes. He was very sad to leave at the end though..Neil has been letting Jack stay up as long as he watches Star Wars with him. Men bond in weird ways. Jack likes it though… just wish it could be watched during the day instead..

Lorna - Aww these are adorable! I’m so glad you were in some of them too! :)

Casey - I love the stickers on the stairs!!

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