A Very Merry Unbirthday to ME!

Yesterday was Valentines Day to most of you.. and it was to me as well but yesterday was also something WAY more exciting than that. It was my 5th year anniversary (or would it be called a birthday?) of having a photography business. That’s saying something right there, that’s something to be proud of. Very few small businesses make it to the 5 year mark (I hear.) I know I am pretty proud of where I am today. There have been a lot of ups and a few downs but I couldnt have done it at all without the trust of you guys. You liked me even when I was just starting out. I have been there for so many amazing moments in all of your lives. I was there documenting a friendship growing through dance or heck even the first time you placed in the Jack & Jill. I was there at the birth of your daughter. I was there when you married your best friend.
I was there when your husband flew his jet for the last time.  I was there when your husband met his first born for the first time. I had the honor of being your babies first official photographer. I was there when you proposed to your girlfriend.
I was there to document the last family photos your family will ever take whole again.
I have been there for a lot of amazing moments and I am so glad you trusted in me enough to allow me to be there. It is so special what I get to live each day next to all of you. You really never know what you will be handed next and I seriously can not wait to see. You are all amazing and I couldn’t be where I am today without all of you. Pffft. I’m not thebomb.com ya’ll are! Thank you for being so awesome.

hildog - Thank you Alyssa! Congrats on 6 years. That is an awesome accomplishment too! :)

Alyssa Liquori - P.S. CONGRATS ON 5 YEARS!!! 😀

Alyssa Liquori - Awww!! That’s AWESOME!! It’s mine and my Hubby’s 6th year wedding anniversary!!

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