Meet Hilary


I am a mama of the cutest little toddler ever. You might see him grace the blog and face book from time to time. My husband is military, so we move a lot. That being said, I love to travel and be outside. I am originally from Florida but have really fallen in love with the PNW. I do miss the beaches though. So seriously, if you want photos on the beach -I WILL go there! This is my 4th year in the biz. I can’t imagine anything else I would like to do with my life except, be a mom. Luckily, I’m able to do both. When I am not taking photos… wait just kidding, I’m ALWAYS taking photos even if its just the landscape with my handy dandy iphone. No, but seriously, I like to sleep. You’ll find me sleeping if I can be, or hiking or sewing (but honestly I haven’t done that since I had my son) I really love color, bright ones and cooler ranch Doritos. I lindy hop when I have the time, it is how I met my husband and I seriously miss it. I think my best feature is my eye brows.

And thats about all the randomness I could think of for now. 😉 I cant wait to get to know you too!