Chris + Kim | 511 Palafox | Pensacola Wedding Photography


Kim and I were best friends in high school. Like the best. She was the sister I was never blessed with. So when she announced her engagement I hoped she was going to ask me to photograph it. I think about us as kids and the things we talked about and one of the random conversations we talked about was how at our weddings we were going to play music by Cole Porter ( all of his music was in the movie DeLovely and we had just watched it). Thats about as far as we got into the wedding planning at the ripe ole age of 16/17 but for some reason it really stuck out the day she married Chris. They were married in the courtyard at 511 Place in downtown Pensacola, FL. Their vows and readings were some of the most original I had ever heard. There were quotes from Dr Who, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. There was a sprinkle of rain, a lot of tears out of her father and a lovely serenade by the father of the groom oh and a LOT of dancing. It was a great night indeed and that was all before Chris let his hair down.2016-06-27_00462016-06-27_00472016-06-27_00482016-06-27_00492016-06-27_00502016-06-27_00512016-06-27_00522016-06-27_00532016-06-27_00542016-06-27_00552016-06-27_00562016-06-27_00572016-06-27_00582016-06-27_00592016-06-27_00602016-06-27_00612016-06-27_00632016-06-27_00642016-06-27_00652016-06-27_00662016-06-27_00672016-06-27_00682016-06-27_00692016-06-27_00702016-06-27_00712016-06-27_00722016-06-27_00732016-06-27_00742016-06-27_00752016-06-27_0076I am so happy you two found your happiness. <3

Terry Sndhoff - Very Very Very nice….Super excellent…I did not cry that much though….

Becca + Curtis | Gulf Breeze Wedding Photographer

Gosh, these two. <3 There is so much love for the both of them. Becca and I went to the same high school and while we didnt exactly know each other (different grades) I found her quite pleasant when we did actually interact. Flash forward a few years and were “Facebook” friends. One night I remember an adorable beach proposal coming through my newsfeed with candles and everything. It looked so romantic and yes, it was Curtis’ proposal to Becca. She emailed me and well of course I was in. I arrived to her aunts home to find it raining in sunny ole’ Gulf Breeze. Not like the usual Florida rain shower either, it was pretty wet. They didn’t let it get them down though and the weather turned out 100% better than they even anticipated with it having rained so much hours before. gulf breeze wedding photographerwedding dress details2016-06-27_00032016-06-27_00042016-06-27_00052016-06-27_00062016-06-27_00072016-06-27_00082016-06-27_00092016-06-27_00102016-06-27_00112016-06-27_00122016-06-27_00132016-06-27_00142016-06-27_00152016-06-27_00162016-06-27_00172016-06-27_00182016-06-27_00192016-06-27_00202016-06-27_00212016-06-27_00222016-06-27_00232016-06-27_00242016-06-27_00252016-06-27_00262016-06-27_00272016-06-27_00282016-06-27_00292016-06-27_00302016-06-27_00312016-06-27_00322016-06-27_00332016-06-27_00342016-06-27_00362016-06-27_0037public wedding cakefuture photographer2016-06-27_0040pensacola at nightOf course I forgot to get a photo of the three of us during your actual wedding but we took this one at Seville afterwards. You two, just keep doing what you’re doing, cause it’s right. Thank you for trusting me in your day! I am humbled you asked me. <32016-06-27_0042

Also I had an awesome second photographer helping me throughout their day, Zac Green.

Rob + Beccy | Boo Cat Club | St Louis, MO

Oh gosh. I have been waiting for this wedding for years it seems. I know Rob and Beccy though lindy hop. Rob and Beccy lived here in Raleigh the first time we lived here. They moved to St Louis right around the same time we moved to WA(2011) after they had just been dating a little while. A couple years later we were roomies at an event called Lindy Focus and Beccy mentioned how Rob needed to get on it. However, Rob had other plans, he had plans to make Beccy a ring. (Soon ill post a fun video on his process!) She said yes and well, here we are, at their wedding day, Memorial Day weekend in May 2016. It was a lovely day and not terribly hot. Rob got there early to set the sound up to record the ceremony and do some band sound checks while Beccy got dressed upstairs. Their vows were sweet and loving and I loved hearing them because it helped me to know them just a tad bit more.

2016-06-14_00012016-06-14_00022016-06-14_00032016-06-14_00042016-06-14_00052016-06-14_00062016-06-14_00072016-06-14_00082016-06-14_00092016-06-14_00102016-06-14_00112016-06-14_00122016-06-14_00132016-06-14_00142016-06-14_00152016-06-14_00162016-06-14_00172016-06-14_00182016-06-14_00192016-06-14_00202016-06-14_00212016-06-14_00222016-06-14_00232016-06-14_00242016-06-14_00252016-06-14_00262016-06-15_0001I am so glad I got to share your big day and I am so glad you two are my friends. Just wish you were closer again. Love y’all!2016-06-15_0002

Celebrating Amelia’s birthday | Goldsboro family photographers

I first met Amelia’s mom a few months ago while at where my son does karate. Her mom was nursing and their middle sister was not having a good day a very vocal not good day. I thought I need to be friends with her. Then I randomly met her again at the babywearing meeting the following day. I knew it was meant to be and by the weekend I was scheduled to photograph her family! This is the second part of her session she scheduled with me (you can see the first here) and I was there that day to help in celebrating Amelia’s birthday! Sweets on the Run did an amazing job on her birthday cake as always and Amelia loved it too!goldsboro family photographyweb_1242documentary photographers in ncweb_1244web_1245web_1246lifestyle cake smashbath time web_1249web_1250