2015 – A Year in Review

2015 was the year I had my second baby, sweet Lindy Jane. I think I photographed WAY more than I initially thought I would with the help of you. I think I brought Lindy to almost every session with me this year minus the last few and I SOOOO appreciate that. It was so nice not having to A) be with out her and B) have to worry about finding a sitter for her.I photographed a lot of love this year. Men and women coming home from being overseas, brand new babies in hospitals, mommies loving on their babes and how could I forget the few couples I photographed who vowed their lives together. It was an amazing year. Just take a look at all I got to experience. Cant wait for next year!Hilary Mercer Photography 2015goldsboro 2015.

The Lynch Family | Goldsboro Family Photographers

When I asked Martine where she wanted photos she immediately said ” a cotton field!” They are moving away from the south pretty soon and to me cotton is pretty “the south” so it works.:)Lilli and Jack have become quite good friends. She says that Jack is her boyfriend and Jack says he doesnt like girls because they chase you.. so you know..goldsboro familyweb_1173web_1174web_1175cotton fieldnc portraitsgoldsboro childrens photographerloved these of Lilli and Jack!silly kidswishing flowers

The Lewis Family | Goldsboro Family Photography

 Oh about 10 months ago we had no idea what we were going to do with Jack while I was poppin Lindy out. This amazing family stepped in and volunteered for the job, it felt so nice knowing he was happy to be playing with friends and safe with them. Jack has also done Tball and Eric was his coach and they do karate together, he’s a big fan of Levi. It was such a fun afternoon with them and the clouds reminded me of Washington.goldsboro photographersfamily photography in goldsborocotton fields in ncmuscles on kiddoslove in the cottonfamily photography in goldsborogoldsboro family photographersgoldsboro photographersgoldsboro nc photographers

Lindsey - You are so talented Hilary! Thank you so much for capturing these beautiful moments during our time in the South.

The Harrison Family

I met this great family by having their middle have a fit and I felt like showing my mockingjay symbol. The following day she was at our local babywearing group meeting and I thought, hmmm she is obviously my kind of person. Her family were troopers getting up at the crack of dawn for these.:)family photography in goldsborolove in the cotton fieldsphotos in a cotton fieldportrait photographer in north carolinaweb_1151family photographers in goldsborogoldsboro nc