Charlotte | Milestone – 6 months old | Goldsboro Photographers

Charlotte’s mom casually mentioned wanting photos of her  first Christmas dress so I told her to come on over and we would make it happen. Babies grow quicker than you think they might and well I just wasnt sure how big it was or how long it may fit.Goldsboro studio photographergoldsboro baby photographersweb_1206web_1207baby detailsweb_1209sweet baby handsweb_1211I do offer studio sessions at a discounted rate in my home studio. These are perfect for celebrating your babies milestones or eating cake! If you are interested, send me an email.

Mia | Richmond Newborn Photography

Nine or ten months ago I traveled over to Gatlinburg to photograph some good friends commit their lives to one another and a few months after their “I Do’s” I got a text asking if they could change their family session to a NEWBORN SESSION! Of course I was thrilled. I could not wait until Precious had a baby! Whoooo. So glad she could join the baby club. Mia joined us earth side a couple weeks early and a few days before Christmas. I traveled up to their home in Richmond, Va a few days into the new year to meet the new little lady!richmond baby photographyI love the circle of hair babies have. <3lifestyle in home photographyswaddling baby girlproud daddyin home newborn sessionrichmond newborn photographyweb_1197web_1198web_1199web_1200web_1201web_1202web_1203

See you soon! | Goldsboro Family Photography

So there is something about taking photos of your loved one in the uniform that they will wear for an undetermined amount of time time in an undetermined place far far away that just, for me, oddly hits home. It is the last thing you’ll see them in and the first thing you’ll see them in when they get home. I really like to offer these for families because I get it. An undetermined time is a long time to not have your special one be in a selfie of you and your kids. Anyway, thats what these are all about, you and the fam doing what you guys do naturally. I would honestly LOVE to capture the first 30 minutes after your special one gets home from work on a normal day. Does your kid kinda go nuts? Does he cry “hug hug hugggggggggggg!”  Do his little feet stand on tip toes so he can see daddies truck pull in the drive? Mine did before he could see out? That’s what I want, that is what YOU want because they grow a lot in an undetermined amount of time. Things will be different and they might even be standing normal to see the window and he will be used to the truck being outside. Or you might just want something nice, somewhere beautiful, or at least with green grass, beggars cant be chooser in Goldsboro, come on! 😉 I can make that happen to. Uniform is not necessary for either but I do think it makes these photos even greater, but I get it, you also probably want to be able to share these photos on social media without someone coming to threaten you. I’m there with you, I get it.

Anyway, their schedules are .. not the best so Im offering up 2 weeks to get these done for you all.rocketpredeploymentsessionsLike I said, no you dont have to be in uniform and they dont have to be at your house. Ill just like them better if they are both of those things. Ha! I can only photograph so many people at Waynesborough Park ok? Gah! Can you tell Im being real with you guys?

Anyway, I dont know how many people will want me at that point in time but its best to book sooner than later and we can change it around as schedules need to happen. Ok? So get on it. If you have questions, check that email and ill be happy to answer anything you may have.

Also if you’re reading this and youre all thinking to yourself, ” well I would love this but I dont fit the criteria of being in the forces, well thats ok, we can make it happen anyway! Take advantage of the discount.

Kimberly - Man I really wished I lived near you. I would totes take advantage of this lol

2015 – A Year in Review

2015 was the year I had my second baby, sweet Lindy Jane. I think I photographed WAY more than I initially thought I would with the help of you. I think I brought Lindy to almost every session with me this year minus the last few and I SOOOO appreciate that. It was so nice not having to A) be with out her and B) have to worry about finding a sitter for her.I photographed a lot of love this year. Men and women coming home from being overseas, brand new babies in hospitals, mommies loving on their babes and how could I forget the few couples I photographed who vowed their lives together. It was an amazing year. Just take a look at all I got to experience. Cant wait for next year!Hilary Mercer Photography 2015goldsboro 2015.