jessie + david

Jessie is a local photographer in the Milton/Pensacola area. Check her out! She was quite excited when she found out I was coming into town. She even payed me months in advance! I definitely couldn’t cancel on her 😉 Sessions with photographers are hard as I’m never quite sure what they expect and well.. I should. They did hire me, not anyone else. Its also interesting coming to sessions not knowing the person previously. I feel like I know her from following her blog and facebook but you just never know. Jessie knows me a lot better than I know her as her husband is my old roommates brother. hah! Does that make sense? I hope so. So when I lived in Florida she’d actually been in my house! Which I know isnt that crazy.. but it is to me. Small world. Small town. Well.. to get to the point of this blog I met up with her husband David, she and their doggy Bailey. We met at the most photographed place in Pensacola that isnt the beach, downtown. I try and make it different everytime. Anyway- here’s the yummy photos!

20100602-jessie 06020100602-jessie 07020100602-jessie 10520100602-jessie 12120100602-jessie 180

You know im loving this flare.

20100602-jessie 19920100602-jessie 241

We saw this laying on the ground as we were finishing up. I looks like Wall-E to me.

20100602-jessie 312

Jessie (&David) It was so nice meeting the both of you! It was a lot of fun and I’m super glad we did it. I hope I lived up to your expectations.

Huck, Berry & Finn | Pensacola Maternity Photographer

Colleen and Rick Joe are friends of some of my friends from up here in North Carolina. They passed my name along since I was going to be in town and I’m so glad they did. So thank James and April, you guys are great!

Colleen is pregnant with triplets! Can you imagine triplets?! How exciting is that. I met up with them as she was 20 weeks. She told me she didnt want photos of her getting any bigger and I honestly don’t blame her. At her current state she is probably the cutest pregnant woman ever. You know the whole “glowing” thing? Well she was absolutely glowing and happy and just all around awesome. Their session is close to topping my favorite session ever.


Two happy people + amazing sunlight + super awesome huge tree = AMAZING!


Oh, and if you’re wondering who Huck, Berry and Finn are the babies name in the womb. They are having two girls and a boy. Isnt that boy lucky!


See what I mean about the whole glowing thing?

This next one is one of my all time favorites that I’ve ever taken. I love me some silhouettes and I’m not usually a fan of the “kissing the belly” photos but here it really works and I’m in love. If this was me, Id make it into a huge canvas and hang it over the crib. One day…


You two rocked this session! I wish you every luck with the pregnancy and when those babies pop out! I hope its in the cards that I can meet them before you two five move to California. Or maybe I could just visit you guys out there 😉

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colleen - I don’t even know where to start! These pictures are AMAZING. Thank you so much, Hilary, for capturing this moment in our lives. Everything about that day was perfect…the location, sunlight, and most importantly, the photographer. I’m also in love with these! Thanks again! Breathtaking!

April - Hiliary, these pictures are amazing as usual! Glad Coleen and Joe took our advice and used you 😉 I agree with making the one into a canvas for over the crib! Amazing couple, amazing photographer and amazing pics girl!!!

Pamela - Excellent job, Hilary!

alicia - HILARY! love all of these but the one of him reading!!! oh my gosh you know I love me some books and I want that picture done of me and tom welling. okay? OKAY???

ryan + becky | got engaged! | pensacola engagement & wedding photography

I have known Becky since I was in high school even though she went to Pace. We went to the same church together. I always loved her curls.  Oddly enough I dont know of this is true or not but I believe her fiance, Ryan and she met while dancing every Friday at Pensacola Swing. I just assumed that was the case and never asked them. How odd of me. Oh well. They are so cute dancing together and her little curls bounce all around. Ryan is a Weapons System Operator flying the F-15E Strike Eagle up here at little ole Seymour Johnson AFB. Soon he they will be moving to Mountain Home AFB once he finishes up school here.

Ryan flew into Pensacola(as a surprise) a week before we took these photos and proposed. I think he could only stay one day and then he had to fly back out. How romantic!? A few days later he asked me to meet up with them to take their engagement photos(since he knew I’d be in town). I was super excited about it and about them getting engaged because they are just so darn cute together and I knew it was bound to happen eventually! We met up in downtown Pensacola because that’s where he proposed at!

20100530-Picture 86020100530-Picture 911

Every now and then when I have a session with someone they will have a few ideas. I absolutely LOVE when you have ideas and thoughts for photos so please bring them! This was their idea and I think its the cutest thing ever!Also- what do you think about these here frames for the photos? Im thinking about integrating them into the blog because I think they are super cute and would go well with the blog?


Did forget to mention that while I was in Pensacola it was scheduled to rain EVERY DAY!?!? In a lot of these shots it was raining( even if just a little bit) but they still worked it.Soon after we moved on over to one of their favorite spots in Pensacola.

20100530-Picture 95020100530-Picture 104520100530-Picture 110020100530-Picture 1214

Ryan got jumping skillz.The sun decided to make an appearance and the clouds got all puffy and pretty.

20100530-Picture 126120100530-Picture 126320100530-Picture 127120100530-Picture 1355

Check out that bling! Wooooooweeee!

20100530-Picture 1369

Mandy - Congratulations…you both look so happy may God Bless you always…

April - Awww. . .Ryan is engaged! Congrats guys. He’s got some serious jumping skills for real!

sweet tease! gabby + will !

Gabby and Will are awesome. I also think they are perfect for each other. I think this because all of their friends think this and they are a lot alike. I like their friends, so I trust their judgment. They got married yesterday afternoon here in Smithfield, NC at an awesome place called Rosedown Plantation. I would highly recommend it. A few days before the wedding Gabby and I met up for some bridal portraits. I’m so glad we did too given the time crunch we were under for the actual wedding.


and a few from the wedding…


My second, Maxine got that shot of the bridal party. They were a fun bunch.


I hope you two have an awesome time in Europe. How jealous I am of you two.

i do. | carrie + ryan

My first stop photography wise once I got into Florida was for Carrie & Ryan’s wedding. They got married memorial day weekend in Defuniak Springs followed by a reception at Ryan’s folks place in Laurel Hill. This was my first venture into that area of Florida and I think its gorgeous. Its definitely very rural but still nice. My favorite part of the trip out there was seeing that there was a thrift store or two on the main road up. Carrie wore her soon to be mother in law’s wedding gown and her mother’s veil. She pulled off the vintage look pretty well. This was my first wedding where the dress wasn’t new and I absolutely loved that she wore it. You rocked is Carrie!

While she was getting her hair done I was outside watching the lightning!

After the rain was done we had a little fun with the photos. I love it when people just love eachother. It makes my life a whole lot easier:)

I had a fantastic time photographing your wedding. I wish you many many happys in your life! Congratulations!!

April - great job! Love the new site!