sweet tease! gabby + will !

Gabby and Will are awesome. I also think they are perfect for each other. I think this because all of their friends think this and they are a lot alike. I like their friends, so I trust their judgment. They got married yesterday afternoon here in Smithfield, NC at an awesome place called Rosedown Plantation. I would highly recommend it. A few days before the wedding Gabby and I met up for some bridal portraits. I’m so glad we did too given the time crunch we were under for the actual wedding.


and a few from the wedding…


My second, Maxine got that shot of the bridal party. They were a fun bunch.


I hope you two have an awesome time in Europe. How jealous I am of you two.

i do. | carrie + ryan

My first stop photography wise once I got into Florida was for Carrie & Ryan’s wedding. They got married memorial day weekend in Defuniak Springs followed by a reception at Ryan’s folks place in Laurel Hill. This was my first venture into that area of Florida and I think its gorgeous. Its definitely very rural but still nice. My favorite part of the trip out there was seeing that there was a thrift store or two on the main road up. Carrie wore her soon to be mother in law’s wedding gown and her mother’s veil. She pulled off the vintage look pretty well. This was my first wedding where the dress wasn’t new and I absolutely loved that she wore it. You rocked is Carrie!

While she was getting her hair done I was outside watching the lightning!

After the rain was done we had a little fun with the photos. I love it when people just love eachother. It makes my life a whole lot easier:)

I had a fantastic time photographing your wedding. I wish you many many happys in your life! Congratulations!!

April - great job! Love the new site!

Lorena| Pensacola Wedding Photographer

I have known Lorena’s family since I was in middle school. Her brother Brandon and I used to sit on the bus together and talk about Dragon Ball Z. I wasn’t really into it but Brandon was and he was nice and I was new so I tolerated it. 😉 Fast forward to high school and Lorena is in my music class. I didn’t talk to her much as I was pretty consumed in myself and my own senior friends. For the Christmas production we ended up singing a duet together; Let It Snow, My favorite. We kept in touch and I was pleasantly surprised to have her ask me to be her wedding photographer! I flew down to Pensacola in April to shoot these and boy were they hard to keep hidden for so long. It was even harder to keep for the past week. I wanted her bridals to be my first blog on my new blogsite! Anyway, lets get to more of the goodies!

It’s not everyday you can convince a bride to climb into a tree! Lorena is awesome.

Sean and Lorena’s wedding photos will be up shortly!

Austin Flores - I really like the bubbles pic.

Sheila Suarez - Beautiful :)))