Lorena| Pensacola Wedding Photographer

I have known Lorena’s family since I was in middle school. Her brother Brandon and I used to sit on the bus together and talk about Dragon Ball Z. I wasn’t really into it but Brandon was and he was nice and I was new so I tolerated it. 😉 Fast forward to high school and Lorena is in my music class. I didn’t talk to her much as I was pretty consumed in myself and my own senior friends. For the Christmas production we ended up singing a duet together; Let It Snow, My favorite. We kept in touch and I was pleasantly surprised to have her ask me to be her wedding photographer! I flew down to Pensacola in April to shoot these and boy were they hard to keep hidden for so long. It was even harder to keep for the past week. I wanted her bridals to be my first blog on my new blogsite! Anyway, lets get to more of the goodies!

It’s not everyday you can convince a bride to climb into a tree! Lorena is awesome.

Sean and Lorena’s wedding photos will be up shortly!

Austin Flores - I really like the bubbles pic.

Sheila Suarez - Beautiful :)))