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A Very Merry Unbirthday to ME!

Yesterday was Valentines Day to most of you.. and it was to me as well but yesterday was also something WAY more exciting than that. It was my 5th year anniversary (or would it be called a birthday?) of having a photography business. That’s saying something right there, that’s something to be proud of. Very […]

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hildog - Thank you Alyssa! Congrats on 6 years. That is an awesome accomplishment too! :)

Alyssa Liquori - P.S. CONGRATS ON 5 YEARS!!! 😀

Alyssa Liquori - Awww!! That’s AWESOME!! It’s mine and my Hubby’s 6th year wedding anniversary!!

Totally Awesome Photographer | Seattle Family Photographer

Gosh! I am just so excited to announce that someone has suggested me as their favorite photographer in the Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome Family Photographer contest here in Seattle. If you remember correctly last year I placed third and would love your vote again this year as it would be totally stellar to win! To […]

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Briana Taylor - :-)

Totally Awesome Awards FINALIST!

Woots! I just got the news that all that voting you did for little ole’ me paid off. I’m in the top 4. WHAT WHAT! Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for all your awesome votes! If you want to take a gander at who else won take a looksie loo here: […]

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Red Tricycle 2012 Totally Awesome Awards!

I just got the email this morning that Ive been nominated in this years second annual red tri awards for my sweet photography skills. I think it would be pretty neato to win. But I think its pretty neat that someone thought of me to start with so thanks guy(or more likely gal)! You’re awesome! […]

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Editor’s Choice Award!

A few months ago I got a little email that let me know I was chosen as part of Two Bright Lights to receive an Editor’s Choice Award! So I said, “WOOT!” Pretty neat eh?   Here’s a little about the selection process: Editors’ Choice Award Winner Selection Process The 2012 Two Bright Lights Editors’ […]

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