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Lynne + Ben | Raleigh Wedding Photography

Hmmm where to start. Lynne and I went to high school together. We were/are friends. We played soccer and I think we played the same position (which meant she played and I sat the bench!) She even had me over for Christmas dinner in high school. THEN she dated my ex boyfriend and I was […]

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Genesa Richards - You’re amazing! I LOVE how you included photos from the past!! Are you photographing the wedding also??

Andrew + Melody | Engaged! | Tacoma Wedding Photographer

 Andrew and Melody are getting married next month. There date is a pretty awesome one that only comes around so often.. eleven. eleven. eleven! Andrew and Melody are both from Pine Level, North Carolina! They have known each other since the 4th grade. They grew up playing at this park so it seemed only fitting […]

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Josh - I love the shot as they jump off the swing! Awesome shoot!

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - So adorable! I’m sure they love these! Great set.

Kellee Walsh - Love the action shot jumping off the swings! Such a fun set of images!

Anton Chia - Great rapport you built! Looking forward to seeing them on your blog next month!

Shell Bailey - Adorable! The whole session looks like so much fun!

Sally Watts - So fun and adorable! This is what engagement sessions are all about! Love it.

chantal - Man this looks like so much fun! What a rad couple.. and your images reflect that!

Paul & Rebecca | Engaged! | Seattle Wedding Photographer

Paul and Rebecca are lindy hoppers. I love lindy hoppers. I met Rebecca when she lived here in North Carolina. She moved to Seattle a little while after she and Paul started dating and she has been deeply missed in the dance community on the East coast. She announced her engagement and I was pretty […]

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Rebecca Brightly - YAAAY! These are so good! Thank you so much, Hilary! I love Paul’s facial expressions.

Oh, and our wedding is October 15. Just in case anyone gets confused and shows up this weekend. :-)

Seattle Wedding Photographers | Nina + Aaron | Engaged!

Nina was the best “woman and sister to one of my October grooms and that’s how we met. She is awesome and I like her. Aaron proposed in December and they are getting married fall of next year! Nina thought it would be a fun time to have the session at the Orlando Science Center […]

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Danielle - We love these beautiful and fun pics!
Orlando Science Center events team

Austin Flores - Super cute pics!

Sheila - Love them. :)

Save the Dates!

A few months ago at Ali and Matt’s engagement session we took some photos for their save the dates. I was super excited for the photos mainly because they are such a fun, exciting couple. I got this in the mail yesterday and it totally made my day!Hooray! I can hardly wait until their wedding […]

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roxy - what a fun couple! good for you hilary!!