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All you Mamas! | Goldsboro Newborn Photographers

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what’s up in my little world. We found out a few months ago that we’re moving back to North Carolina next month. “Oh my JOSH” as my son says. That is next month now. Ridiculous. Anyway, I am still available for photos here in Washington, but not for long. We […]

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The Birth of Mary Cecilia | Goldsboro Birth Photography

Jayne is a strong woman. She birthed little Mary out with Z E R O pain meds and super quick all while her husband is deployed overseas. Her doula,  Tricia Croom was right by her side the whole time. She definitely helped calm her down and I think was the main reason Jayne had the […]

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Tricia Croom - Stunning! So privileged to have the opportunity to share this moment with you Hilary. You are a wonderful photographer and I am looking forward to working with you again.

The Birth of Anastasia Marie | Raleigh Birth Photography

Anastasia knew that September 30th was to be her birthday. She didnt want to be an October baby. Perhaps she likes Sapphire’s over Opals. Who knows! But she was ready. I got a text the night before she was born to get ready as there was some action happening. So I packed a bag and […]

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Larianne - Oh, this is so precious. Congratulations to the family :)

Edith Levandoski - Wow I felt like I was right there during the whole thing! This is amazing!

wani - nothing more beautiful than a birth story – love the last picture of the siblings looking at each other – really special.

Jamie Bodo - The moments you captured in the first few photographs are amazing! This mother is so brave to have such an audience… but it is so worth it! Wonderful work :)

donna beck - AMAZING! Such a beautiful moment you captured!

Ashley Durham - What a sweet little baby, congrats to the family!

Stephanie Couture - Beautiful!

Whitney Lane - I think it takes a very special kind of photographer to capture these moments. Amazing job!

Tanja - Wow, that must be such an amazing experience as a photographer! Congratulations to the parents. :)

Carmen Strong - Aw!! I love!

melanie - What a beautiful story you just told. Congratulations to the family.

Ray Urner - Three minutes?! THAT’S impressive! 😀

Jessica Yahn - I love love love seeing the ones of big brother with her. So sweet!

The Birth of George the Fourth | Goldsboro Birth Photographer

Raegan’s labor and contractions started around 5 AM or so on the 19th. She text me to say she was going to the hospital. A few hours later they sent her home to walk. Then about 30 minutes later she said they called her back in to be induced and that they were just going […]

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Lindsey Pav - These seriously couldn’t have been anymore perfect!!

Jessica Yahn - These are great shots! I love seeing birth stories!

Melissa Springmann - LOL @ The sunglasses photos! Great images Hilary. 😀

Victoria Hershman - Welcome to the world Baby George!! He’s such a cutie!

Heather Puett - So gorgeous and moving! I just love looking at parent’s first expressions as they see their babes for the first time. The most beautiful thing.

Lorna - These are awesome!

Liesel - How beautiful. Thank you for sharing Raegan. I cried. :-)

Congratulations, and welcome to the world baby George!

The Birth of Madelyn Grace | Tacoma Birth Photographer

Holly called me at 3:30 AM on the 12th. Of course I had JUST gone to sleep. I think if a mama wants to have a baby and she’s hired me to photograph her birth I just need to stay up late one night. I run up there to hear the judgement on everything and […]

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Sarah - Oh my!! Adorable!! Love these!