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Baby girl on the way | Goldsboro Maternity Photography

This beautiful mama is going to have a baby girl very shortly! She is originally from here and she said this was her first time in a cotton field! I guess I thought everyone had cotton in their backyards like I did when I was growing up. Either way, it sure it one of the […]

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Lisa + Violette = One Super Adorable Pair | Goldsboro Childrens Photographers

Lisa and Violette were my neighbors in WA. I had been wanting to photograph her for a while but we couldn’t manage to get our schedules together.. That is.. until 2 days before we left on our cross country journey! So these two were officially my last session in Washington. Soon Violette is going to […]

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And baby makes SIX | Raleigh Maternity Photographer

Gosh, this family is so great. Marissa is the leader of our moms group I joined back when I first moved to Washington. So really, I owe this lady a lot. She has given me friends that might have been harder to find than I would have thought. They have 3 absolutely adorable, rambunctious little […]

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Alice L. Sprague - I am so happy to find this on my computer – it has been ages since I got on this thing (still confused with it all) but love every picture – they are just wonderful!! You all are so precious and beautiful….I cannot say enough!! Thanks for sending this lovely announcement and sorry I didn’t have any idea until now…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT am sure the little girl will
be a beauty also like her brothers and her Mom & Dad.
Love you all so much, Nan & Great “Man” xoxox

A little brother will be here soon | Goldsboro Maternity Photographer

A couple weeks ago I spent the morning with an adorable 2 year old and her mama. See, she’s going to be a big sister soon and wanted a couple photos to celebrate some of her last moments as an only child. We spent the morning jumping on the bed, snuggling on the bed, dancing […]

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Emily - Oh these are stunning! Little Kayla is going to treasure them forever :)

Lisa - Love these! And the mommy and daughter are beautiful :)

Lorna - Aww these are beautiful Hilary!

Kayla - I really love this! :)

Jamie - What a fun session. Looks likes you guys enjoyed yourselves.