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A St. Petersburg Wedding | Bryce and Steve | St Pete Wedding Photographers

I’ve known Bryce for  8 years now gosh! She was my best friends college roommate at The University of West Florida in Pensacola. Fast forward a few years I meet a nice guy at a swing dance and his room mate turns out to be Steve. Then I moved.. but obviously at some point after […]

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Heather Kanillopoolos - Love those first dance photographs! Lovely!

alisha liker - Beautiful wedding and excellent captures Hilary !!

Dorothy - I LOVE the tiny octopus on the cake. Cephalopods are awesome!

Another great wedding, lady!

Isabelle - Love men in uniforms, so dapper! This wedding is so pretty, great job capturing it.

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - She makes such a lovely bride!

Heather Elizabeth - Love your reception shots here! Your lighting is killer.

Matt - great stuff, looks like it was a fun wedding.

Sarah - Great job, I love the wide one of them walking away from the ceremony laughing!

Casey - ooooo I love her sash!!!

small - What a pretty bride! I love her beaded belt!

Albert Palmer - What a fun wedding – looking at these made me feel as though I was there!

/mariahedengren - I like the dress, and the cool belt.

Damian Burcher - Looks like “an officer and a gentleman” I was half expecting Richard Gere to pop up!. Love the black and white with the sun bursting through the trees.

Daddy is home! | Ft Lewis Homecoming Photographer

The great thing about my job is that I get to see peoples lives unfold in front of me. I get to see them when theyre happy and sometimes sad and sometimes both. This particular family I have seen a lot of happy with. I have photographed them every few months since October of 2012. […]

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The Birth of Mary Cecilia | Goldsboro Birth Photography

Jayne is a strong woman. She birthed little Mary out with Z E R O pain meds and super quick all while her husband is deployed overseas. Her doula,  Tricia Croom was right by her side the whole time. She definitely helped calm her down and I think was the main reason Jayne had the […]

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Tricia Croom - Stunning! So privileged to have the opportunity to share this moment with you Hilary. You are a wonderful photographer and I am looking forward to working with you again.

Corey is home! | JBLM Homecoming Photographer

I met Jessica and Corey back in October for their pre deployment session.  He left soon after we took those photos and luckily enough I was able to be there when he got to see Jessica again a few days ago. She was so thrilled and excited. She’s so happy all the time is makes […]

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Olivia’s Daddy is HOME! | Ft Lewis Homecoming Photographer

Last weekend was Chase’s FIRST Fathers Day and he was able to be home for it. He had been gone since Olivia was a few months old and she is SOO different than she was when he left. She slept a good portion of the time there but once the woke up the news crews […]

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