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A Day in Jack’s Life {September} | Goldsboro Lifestyle Photographer

I am taking an online workshop to help me get out of my funk I seem to be in. Moving is hard and this move has been particularly hard on us. This weeks assignment was to photograph a day in the life of our kid or your life or whatever we choose. If you follow […]

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Lorna - Aww these are adorable! I’m so glad you were in some of them too! :)

Casey - I love the stickers on the stairs!!

The Great Move Back to NC | Yellowstone National Park | Day 7

Day 7 was more of our “leisure” day. The previous day we saw a LOT but we drove a lot too especially when you add in the night expedition about an hour or so south of our tents. So we only did 2 parts of the park, Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring. Both […]

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The Great Move to NC | Yellowstone National Park | Day 6

Yellowstone has always intrigued me. What an odd thing happens there. Geysers and other random things to see that arent really anywhere else. The weather really worked with us while we we’re there. Overall we enjoyed Yellowstone but I would have liked 1 more day. We saw a lot in the 2 days we were […]

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The Great Move Back to NC | Helena Montana | Day 5

Helena is the capitol of Montana so it was only fitting we spend some time exploring the state capitol. Also There is a geocache you can claim if you have visited and cached around the capitol in all 50 states. We have knocked a couple out so we figured if we passed through we should […]

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The Great Move back to NC | Glacier National park to Helena, Montana | Day 4

Our second day in Glacier National Park was a little better weather wise but not all too much. We hiked to 2 waterfalls and worked on Jack’s first Junior Ranger Badge!I forget now how far along I was here… Maybe 11 weeks?We were going to camp in the park that night in one of the […]

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