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The Great Move to NC | Glacier National Park | Day 3

Glacier threw us a loop. It snowed the week before we were there and I hadnt thought to check out the weather prior to us being there and Going to the Sun Rd was closed halfway through. Which put a damper in my already made plans. We made it work but with a LOT more […]

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The Great Move Back to NC | Spokane, WA to Glacier National Park | Day 2

Due to not finding a few geocaches we didnt make it into Spokane til late ish and didnt get to explore any. We made up for it the following morning. The only thing I really wanted to see in Spokane was the Worlds Largest Radio Flyer Wagon. I mean.. could we seriously cross the country […]

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The Great Move back to NC | Dupont to Spokane | Day 1

As most of you know we moved across the country, again. We started out our journey in June and ended it in July. We got to see a LOT of America but didnt have nearly enough time in a few certain spots. We’ll be going back to those eventually. Ill start out my blog to […]

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A CARiffic third birthday

Over the weekend my little guy turned three. He asked for a Disney Cars themed party and we had a little fun. I got most all the ideas from various Pinterest pins. Token Blonde did Jack’s awesome shirt. She did his shirt last year and I just loved it so much! She puts so much […]

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Lori - So Sweet! I think my fav is when he has finger in his mouth looking at his cake like “ooohhh, yummy” He makes some great expressions!

Heading down South to the land of the pines

You might have noticed some changes on the website.. like that it says we live in Raleigh now and that we’re moving. Yes, that’s right. This summer we’re heading back to Seymour Johnson AFB (where we lived before the PNW.) We’re not too happy about it but we’ll make the best of it. My last […]

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