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A Very Merry Unbirthday to ME!

Yesterday was Valentines Day to most of you.. and it was to me as well but yesterday was also something WAY more exciting than that. It was my 5th year anniversary (or would it be called a birthday?) of having a photography business. That’s saying something right there, that’s something to be proud of. Very […]

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hildog - Thank you Alyssa! Congrats on 6 years. That is an awesome accomplishment too! :)

Alyssa Liquori - P.S. CONGRATS ON 5 YEARS!!! 😀

Alyssa Liquori - Awww!! That’s AWESOME!! It’s mine and my Hubby’s 6th year wedding anniversary!!

A Day in the Life {January} | Tacoma In home photographer

Some of you might know Ive taken a photo of my 2.5 year olds life every day. Thats right EVERY DAY for nearly 3 years now. I will admit we have missed a three days but were able to either take one while he was sleeping or super early in the AM. But, I want […]

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A Day in Jack’s Life {September} | Goldsboro Lifestyle Photographer » Raleigh Birth & Lifestyle Photography | Hilary Mercer Photography - […] If you follow the blog or Jacks life youll know Im no newbie to these and Ive done a few before (here and here.) But this week was not our week. Anyway, weeks like this happen but I guess this week is […]

alisha liker - oh boy those pictures are priceless…this face. My favorite is him sleeping in the back seat, feet all the way up haha .

hildog - It doesnt have to be with fancy equipment. A phone works too! :)

Amanda Walters - Oh my gosh Hilary you are so awesome, these photos are priceless. Jack is so stinkin cute! I need to step my game up in the documenting department!! 😀

Photography for the Seasons | Traditions

December means traditions to me.. or at least what I was going for this year. My son is about the age where he really enjoyed Christmas this year. He also loved all the things we did up until then as well. We baked cookies, opened a new Christmas book every day up until Christmas, went […]

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Sara Kelly - I LOVE the image of your son standing on the counter! These are wonderful!

Jaclyn - The outdoor images are awesome! Nice job!

Jesse Blake - Love this set!

Photography for All Seasons, December 2013 | mary slone photography - […] it’s time to check out what December looked like for talented Tacoma Lifestyle Photographer, Hilary […]

Sharleen - Looks like you had a whole lot of fun. I love the outdoor shots and your little guy baking. I made shortbread and that was me done.

mary slone - Love the outdoor shots, Hilary! Gorgeous!!

Debbie M - Love the Christmas traditions story you tell with your photos.

Photography for All Seasons, December 2013 | pelger slone photography - […] it’s time to check out what December looked like for talented Tacoma Lifestyle Photographer, Hilary […]

Giggles the Elf

This year Santa sent a special little elf to watch over Jack during the month of December. A few days into him being in the house we decided his name should be “Giggles.” I like it. Here’s a few of the things he’s been getting into. It’s been interesting keeping him up enough so that […]

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