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Whales abound {Summer Bucket List!}

  Friday Harbor has been on our list for a long time. So we finally made plans because groupon is awesome and scored a sweet hotel deal AND a sweet whale watching tour and off we went on the ferry!  Luckily enough we were able to see some whales. A few of them jumped out […]

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Mount St Helens | PNW landscape photographers

MSH had been on our bucket list for a while. Its somewhere Ive heard about my whole life and it was way different being there and seeing the destruction. I would say the drive to Mt St Helens is almost just as beautiful as the one to Rainier. There are so many trees everywhere!There are […]

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Anna-Leigh - What a beautiful place! And a great adventure 😉

Somewhere new on the HYAK | PNW Summer Bucket List

One of my favorite thing to do here in the PNW is ride ferries. Neil doesnt get it. Maybe its because he grew up riding them but this Florida girl never rode on one til she came out here 5 years ago! They’re fun and short. Just long enough to stretch your legs and have […]

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Backyard fun | Summer Bucket List

Paint. That is all my 2 year old has been asking for recently. Everyday he wants to paint something. Last week my MIL was in town and she had reminded me of painting with pudding. Which.. is a really great thing. I remember painting with it when I was younger too. So I made up […]

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Seven Eleven Day!

I was reminded on facebook yesterday that today 7-11s were giving out FREE SLURPEES. So I thought that might make a good photo of the day. If for some reason (youre probably living under a rock) you dont know, I take a photo of my son every day and I have since he was born. […]

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hildog - If im not there whoever is watching him takes a photo. I have missed 2 days but was lucky enough to remember when he was sleeping or right before he woke up or something of the sort. I let that count still. 😉

michelle - WOW. A picture everyday, that is awesome. Have you ever missed a day? What if you don’t see him that day, does someone else do it for you? Love that idea.