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Chris + Kim | 511 Palafox | Pensacola Wedding Photography

Kim and I were best friends in high school. Like the best. She was the sister I was never blessed with. So when she announced her engagement I hoped she was going to ask me to photograph it. I think about us as kids and the things we talked about and one of the random conversations […]

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Terry Sndhoff - Very Very Very nice….Super excellent…I did not cry that much though….

Becca + Curtis | Gulf Breeze Wedding Photographer

Gosh, these two. <3 There is so much love for the both of them. Becca and I went to the same high school and while we didnt exactly know each other (different grades) I found her quite pleasant when we did actually interact. Flash forward a few years and were “Facebook” friends. One night I […]

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Baby Hailey makes four | Goldsboro Newborn Photography

Hailey is here and life is good! There is so much waiting involved in having a baby. So many things you just dont know about, it’s honestly a little about being in the military. A lot of hurry up and waiting going on. Hailey didnt make her mama wait too terribly long though. I met […]

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Declan Ryder | Fresh 48 | Goldsboro Newborn Photographer

This little guy’s older siblings are ALL born in February but this little man wanted to stand out, he held out til March. It’s flu season here in NC still and their rules are that no one under the age of 12 are allowed in the hospital. Two days is a LONG time to go […]

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2014 Favorites

This year has been a fun one. I have had some really amazing clients this year and a lot of you have turned into people I call my friends and that makes me happy. I switched “specialty’s” and it has been awesome. Capturing real life really gets me excited. I just love the raw, love […]

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David Woodcock - This is a lovely selection of portraits.