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Chris + Kim | 511 Palafox | Pensacola Wedding Photography

Kim and I were best friends in high school. Like the best. She was the sister I was never blessed with. So when she announced her engagement I hoped she was going to ask me to photograph it. I think about us as kids and the things we talked about and one of the random conversations […]

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Terry Sndhoff - Very Very Very nice….Super excellent…I did not cry that much though….

Becca + Curtis | Gulf Breeze Wedding Photographer

Gosh, these two. <3 There is so much love for the both of them. Becca and I went to the same high school and while we didnt exactly know each other (different grades) I found her quite pleasant when we did actually interact. Flash forward a few years and were “Facebook” friends. One night I […]

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Rob + Beccy | Boo Cat Club | St Louis, MO

Oh gosh. I have been waiting for this wedding for years it seems. I know Rob and Beccy though lindy hop. Rob and Beccy lived here in Raleigh the first time we lived here. They moved to St Louis right around the same time we moved to WA(2011) after they had just been dating a […]

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Becoming the Brantners at The Farm | Selma Wedding Photographers

Three weeks prior to this sweet couples nuptials their photographer cancelled on them. Tiffany alerted the internet about their problem and I ended up being able to be their wedding photographer. It was a beautiful day in Selma, North Carolina. I arrived to The Farm to find Tiffany writing in a journal she would later […]

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Precious + Randy | Almost Heaven | Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer

I’ve known Precious for almost 10 years. She is from Florida and is a lindy hopper (which is how we met!). A few years ago she moved up to Virginia and met this guy Randy. I remember talking to her on the phone about him and how happy he was making her. Which obviously made […]

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Gene Arnold - Cannot say enough about the Photo’s, Fantastic!!! Was pleased to meet you and your husband. Thank You

Rebecca - As always, great job, Hilary!! So glad i got to see you and your family. P chose a great venue!