Tacoma Beloved Photographers | Crystal + Harlan + a baby bump!

I went to highschool with Crystal and she is one of my best friends, best friends. She and Harlan also happened to be one of my first weddings back in 2009. They are expecting a little bundle of baby boy in October. I know one thing for sure- that baby will be very well loved. We were lucky we got to have the session at all because of the weather. It rained on our first session time but we were able to stop back in Orlando on our way back home from Key West. We met early in the morning at the UFC Arboretum. It was where they went on their first date to a bonsai making class. (What an interesting class that must have been!) The arboretum is quite special to the two of them so why not have the session there.:)It was a hot muggy and buggy morning. Im S T I L L applying anti itch cream to my arms and legs! I hope you two didnt get bit as much as I did! Anyway, youre not here to read my words youre here to see some photos.20110712-DSC_2245These two are so in love with eachother its crazy!20110712-DSC_226120110712-DSC_227620110712-DSC_228020110712-DSC_231720110712-DSC_232420110712-DSC_234220110712-DSC_235420110712-DSC_236920110712-DSC_237620110712-DSC_239020110712-DSC_239820110712-DSC_240720110712-DSC_241720110712-DSC_242420110712-DSC_243220110712-DSC_245020110712-DSC_245920110712-DSC_247220110712-DSC_248920110712-DSC_249620110712-DSC_2515 copy20110712-DSC_252120110712-DSC_254420110712-DSC_254620110712-DSC_255020110712-DSC_255720110712-DSC_258020110712-DSC_2582

You two are lovely. I cant wait to see your new little one!

Anton Chia - Nice natural shots! Thanx for sharing these!

Becca Dilley - Nice use of lens flare and light – these have a lot of energy that really works with this couple.

Joanna Day - I love your posing and composition of these. The couple looks so natural and beautiful. great job capturing light and colors. lovely!

ed peers - Love the vibrancy and captured the emotion so well… awesome!

Maximiliano Barros - Awesome locations!!! I love the pics!! They must love those pics

Ngarie Humphrey - Beautiful images

Jessica Martz - Hilary I love your style and the way you use light. I look forward to your blog entries so I can see the new wonderful memories you always manage to capture so well. You area true inspiration to me.

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