Dear Jack

My Dearest Jacker do,

My how you have grown this last year. You literally grew a whole 3 inches despite how tiny you still are and you are now officially over 30 lbs. This last year has probably been the hardest one of you entire life. There were a lot of changes to deal with. It was your first big move and definitely not your last. You left behind friends and neighbors and your old house. I know you still miss it because you tell us so, all of the time. You miss your old room, and you miss playing with Violette and Chloe. You had to move from your Nana and Papa and their kitties. You had to move from everything you know. It has been hard, I know. It has been hard on your daddy and myself too. We also miss all of the things we loved about Washington. You have also gained a new family member this year. You are a new big brother. It brings me such joy to see you interact with her. I love how adorable you think she is and when you help me choose her outfits. You have also become quite the super helper when it comes to her. You bring me all sorts of things I need when I cant reach them. There are days you arent so fond of her though. You have become upset quite a few times that she is using YOUR stuff. I dont know what you need a burp cloth for anymore though, or your crib. You got upgraded to the big boy bed when we moved to NC. It is big and it has your favorite color sheets, red. Red, everything has to be red. You basically only use the red crayon, you love red candy and red drinks of all sorts. You have started school and really seem to love it. We tried homeschooling and it was going well except you asked for you asked for friends. In January we enrolled you in a preschool and you are loving it and seem to be making friends. Within the first week you even had yourself a “girlfriend,” though i’m not sure if she knows that she is. Most days you are the sweetest little boy ever but we have been butting heads more now that we have moved. We are trying to figure out a way to have good days all the time with you again. We dont like the yelling, kicking and screaming you have decided that you like to do. You have made me proud this year though. Probably not in the ways you thinking you would make me proud. I am proud that you can remember songs with ease. I was hoping you would have some sort of musical talent and if it is remembering song lyrics, I guess Ill take that. I am excited to see where it goes in the future. You LOVE dance parties upstairs in our room. You call out “dance party USA!” when you want us to join you. Your favorite 2 songs are currently “What Does the Fox Say” and “Uptown Funk.” It is approximately 4.5 Uptown Funks to get on base and 1.5 to get to school. Oddly enough you actually pronounce the N in funk, so its not a bad word. You and your dad have starting “map quest” in your night time routine. You know where at least 25 countries are on the map and have become quite interested in all sorts of geography.  Curious George and the Berenstein Bears are still your favorite books. Paw Patrol is your favorite TV show and you love Marshall (probably because he drives a RED firetruck.) You love for your dad to put on a puppet show with Mr Owl and Mr Gnome, gifts from a couple Christmas’ ago. Sometimes the only way to get you to eat is if one of them feeds you. Your favorite food is rice and beans. You could eat Mexican every day. You love going into Moe’s any time we are in the area and you love saying “WELCOME TO MOES!” even when the workers dont. This next year is going ton be a fun one as well. I hope even with the changes that occur this year that you are able to bounce back relatively well. I love having a happy child and thats all we really want for you is to be happy, and well behaved.

Julie Mercer - What a lovely letter to Jack. You are a great mother. I love the music you chose to go with all the photos. There are so many memories with the photos.

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