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Lindsey saw my other session I had at the fair and she knew she wanted one too. She made it happen and it was lucky my only day open for photos happened to be while the fair was still in town, but also the last day. Her husband also had an accident while doing PT with the Army  and got a black eye that Friday before. So if you’re wondering about the sun glasses.. that’s why. Glad you still came out even though you didn’t feel the best Ed. The weather called for rain but when I left my house it was absolutely beautiful. Silly WA weather tricking us. We got rained on but it wasn’t terrible.wa state fair photo sessionfood at the fairphoto session in wa rainwa state fair photorainbow at photosession

Kissing on a carousel while it is in motion is harder than you’d think.couple on carouselphotos at the fair

This session was so much fun despite the rain. Thanks for inviting me at your trip to the fair!

Anton Chia - Great colorful shots!

David Childers - What a fun session! Definitely jealous of that awesome fair.

rahul - you guys had fun….and got some amazing images too!

Heather Jowett - There are few things I love more than a day spent at a country fair. This makes me excited for when the fair comes back into town here, which isn’t even until July!

Kelly - What a fun and creative location for an e session! Great job!

ALMA // - Great Idea for an e-session!!

Heather Elizabeth - The colors are so vibrant! I love the carousel ones!! Killer.

Tina Russo - These pics came out awesome! You captured their love for one another and what a fun couple they are! This is my daughter and son-in-law! I love them so much <3

John Bello - Literally like a fly on the wall. Beautiful work!

Matthew Long - Love the documentary approach

Rebecca Anne - What an adorable session! Looks like you guys had a blast! So fun!

Hannah Nielsen - Love these! My favorite is the one in front of the swings!

Tosha - Awww, these photos are lovely. Looks like they had a great time!

Lorna - I love these! It looks like you all had a blast <3

Ashley Rogers - Fun! What a great idea!

Annette Johnsson - All the photos came out great, but I’m LOVING the carousel photos!!!!LOL Its great to see those two having such a great time!!

Casey - LOVE THESE!!! Makes me want to do a rainy day session with my hot stud of a hubby!!

Steve Koo - The bright colors in this shoot are awesome! The cotton candy was a great idea.

Veronica Varos - What a sweet idea for a session. So many great action shots!

Ray Urner - Mmmmm…. Funnel cakes….. *drool*

Nicely captured!

Albert Palmer - This shoot is incredible! Particularly love that one of them kissing in the chair against the sky.

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