ENC Babywearers Fundraiser!

A little while back Jennie mentioned possibly doing a fundraiser for the lending library of the Eastern NC Babywearers group.

I was of course all about it and here we are with sign ups!

The session will be 10 minutes each. April 24th times starting at 4pm

Location is TBD but will be located in Kinston, NC

Cost is $22. $10 will be donated to the ENCBW group per session.

You’ll receive 2 digital images of my choosing. They will be the best 2 of the day. If you want more, there is an option to buy more.

Interested? Book your time below! oh and it says AM but its REALLY PM.. it just wants me to put it in military time to be correct and i hate military time.web_0975web_0976


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web_0977oh and if your little ones carry their babies too feel free to bring their carriers too.

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