Get Hitched Give Hope | Bridal Auction & Gala

Close your eyes for a second. Imagine the salty smell of popcorn and sweet aroma of cotton candy, the sparkle of glitter and whimsy of balloons, and the trumpeting of elephants and rumbling roar of lions.


You hear the call of the ringmaster, booming out over the roaring crowd in his melodic cantor, “Laaaaaadies and gentlemen, brides and grooms, welcome to the grrrrrreatest show on earth! A spectacular spectacle! The most giving of galas! The show of all shows! Step right up, and see the one, the only, the most fantastic gathering of clever coordinators, beguiling beat-makers, fantastic florists, delectable deserts, skillful shutterbugs, and dashing dressmakers all under one roof!”


When you open your eyes, this is what you see. A vintage circus! Welcome to the 5th annual bridal gala and charity auction of Get Hitched Give Hope!


You R E A L L Y need to check out Get Hitched Give Hope. It all started with a few AWESOME wedding vendors wanting to raise some money for a great cause. See their awesome success stories and families they have helped. Are you a bride in the Seattle area? Do you need AWESOME things and services for your wedding? I think I heard you answer “why yes, yes I do!”Seattle Charity Auctionuhm… don’t those photos just make you WANT to go? If I weren’t going to be in Vegas I know I would be there.:)ps i totally didnt take those up there. The lovely Laurel McConnel

November 8 folks. Be there. Get awesome things. Support a great cause.Oh and ps I TOTALLY donated an engagement session to be raffled off. I cant wait to see who gets it!

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