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Raegan’s labor and contractions started around 5 AM or so on the 19th. She text me to say she was going to the hospital. A few hours later they sent her home to walk. Then about 30 minutes later she said they called her back in to be induced and that they were just going to break her water. I showed up around 1pm and nothing much has changed, not even her broken water that had yet to be broken. Hours went by without her being checked and her contractions were getting a bit worse with the help of Pitocin. She was determined to have a natural labor though. I had faith in her. She was handling them like a champ! She took a shower and bounced on the birth ball a bit. Her friend Shantel, her mom Kelly and of course George her husband were there to play music and entertain and support her and feed her doughnuts.. ok only one.:)

FINALLY a nurse came in to help her out. They finally broke her water around 6pm or so and I left to get some food for myself because i figured it would be a little while longer. She showered again and the contractions got worse. She opted for the epidural and then I showed back up. We watched a movie and the “intensity” got worse for Raegan. Around  they came back in to check her and she was fully dilated! Hooray! Then the fun started- the pushing. She only pushed for 50 or so minutes I think. Then the little mister arrived and is adorable as ever.


George Elliot Theo McFarland

September 20, 2013

8lbs 15 oz

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Gosh isnt he precious?!

Lindsey Pav - These seriously couldn’t have been anymore perfect!!

Jessica Yahn - These are great shots! I love seeing birth stories!

Melissa Springmann - LOL @ The sunglasses photos! Great images Hilary. đŸ˜€

Victoria Hershman - Welcome to the world Baby George!! He’s such a cutie!

Heather Puett - So gorgeous and moving! I just love looking at parent’s first expressions as they see their babes for the first time. The most beautiful thing.

Lorna - These are awesome!

Liesel - How beautiful. Thank you for sharing Raegan. I cried. :-)

Congratulations, and welcome to the world baby George!

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