The Birth of Mary Cecilia | Goldsboro Birth Photography

Jayne is a strong woman. She birthed little Mary out with Z E R O pain meds and super quick all while her husband is deployed overseas. Her doula,  Tricia Croom was right by her side the whole time. She definitely helped calm her down and I think was the main reason Jayne had the kind of birth she wanted. This was my second birth with a doula and Ill just go ahead and say doulas are awesome. When I have another baby I will definitely be hiring one. Anyway, the Madigan staff was probably the most supportive Ive ever encountered. They actually read her birth plan (which TOTALLY included myself) and listened to her. You always hear such bad things about it and its not bad all the time. Mama pushed for about 40 or so minutes and then Miss Mary was earth side.

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Also I forgot to mention her birthday.. It’s 11.12.13! SO Super Cool!

Tricia Croom - Stunning! So privileged to have the opportunity to share this moment with you Hilary. You are a wonderful photographer and I am looking forward to working with you again.

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