Short Stories

So I am a BIG BIG MAJOR fan of mom being in photos. But it is something that doesnt happen all too often because it’s hard to make it happen. Its hard to ask a stranger, and it’s even more hard to ask your refrigerator to take a couple snaps for you while you are baking cookies. Trust me, Ive asked. He just looked at me like I was crazy. 😉 Perhaps it had been too long since I removed all of the fingerprints from his front. Anyway, it’s hard. Photographers are expensive! Who can afford to hire one to document your every move? Not me?!! However, I want to start offering a new type of “short stories”.

I am also tired of going to a nice park and photographing you smiling at me looking perfect. That’s not how your family is but like 4% of the time. Yes I just made up that number, but still. I know you, you’re hanging around your house in your underwear coloring with your kids, you are giving them baths every day because their butts stink,  you have piles of laundry hanging out in that chair no one sits in and don’t even get me started on that pile of your husband socks you’ll never get to.. I am you. But you know what, I want to be there in my family album too, I want my kids to see me giving them a bath, or putting them to sleep when they are older because you know what… your kid is only going to be young once, pretty soon they wont even be small enough to take a bath in the sink anymore and you will miss those days. You will be sad you didn’t have a photo to remember the time by. You will be sad you didnt document your belly bump enough even if its your first child. Maybe you are moving away from the first house you and your husband bought and want to document the time you spent there, because it’s where you brought your children home to.

Short Stories are $300+tax and here’s what’s gunna happen.

  1. We will plan a 30min activity for you to do – cooking, tickle fights, playing in the backyard, swimming at your favorite pool, the second daddy gets home, bath time, really whatever you can think of!
  2. I will show up camera in hand ready to capture said activity.
  3. I will photograph you during said activity for 30 minutes.
  4. You will receive 15 high resolution digital images which you may download straight from your gallery. Additional digital photos will be available to view/purchase.

This price is only for folks within 30 minutes of me, but the extra charge to get to say, Raleigh isn’t awful so don’t let that stop you. It’s also not valid for birthday party coverage or newborns.

short storiesweb_0925

The days are long but the years are short.

If these short stories seem exciting or you want more info, send me an email! I would love to plan something fun and special for you.

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