Morgan is beautiful! Tacoma Portrait Photography

Morgan found out I was attending Lindy Focus this year and I think she immediately emailed me. We have tried to get together for photos a few times now I think and this time it was GOING to happen. I am happy to announce that it did indeed happen.:)She is such a nice, sweet lady and it was just so nice to be around her. I love her hair and her face and her dancing. I totally have a girl crush on Miss Kestner.

She is one of my favorite dancers to watch with all dances but especially the Charleston. One of my favorite competitions she was in was at Lindy Focus back in 2010…

(ps you can totally see me snapping photos to the left there)Morgan is a Costume designer in Lon Angeles, California. This is just the first blog of two so be sure and come back tomorrow for Morgan as Lucy Lipstick.tacoma portrait photography

Denise - Such beautiful pictures of one of my favorite people.

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