Mothers Day Mini Session

Spring! One of my favorite times of year. All the bulbs are blooming and the weather begins to get nicer. One sad part of being a mom is that generally you are not in any photos of your own family. I am so envious of those fellow photographers who’s husband know how to work a camera too.  You can only do so much with a tripod. 😉

Anyway, because of that and the fact that I think its important to document yourself not for you but for your children. I WISH I had more photos of my own mother and myself from when I was a wee one. Heck, I just wish there were more photos of her alone at this point too. It’s something we all struggle with, how we look and feel about ourselves. But the thing is, this is what your kids love. They love all of you even if you think you are flawed.mama&meAll the info is above except for the date! Silly my. April 4th. You can sign up for your session slot below. (oh and those times are PM not AM like it says, I couldnt find the pm option oddly enough.)



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This will be the least expensive session I will offer for.. a very long time. I just want to be able to help you document YOU! But that is the only catch it IS for only you, the mother or heck if you’re a single dad you can do it too! So no dads in photos just mommies. These will be relatively posed BUT if you are NOT wanting posed photos check out this special Im offering for families right now.

There are only 10 slots available.

The location is TBD til the weather gets more nice and I can determine the best spot for photos.

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