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The wedding album is one of the things I regret most about having got married in Las Vegas without a wedding photographer. It drives me nuts that I can offer all of my clients something I cant have for myself. Oh well, it happens I am happy even without a wedding album. The albums I offer my wedded couples are absolutely gorgeous. They are timeless and something you will be proud to show your grandkids. Well, I think they are something you would be proud to show everyone!20110323-DSC_725920110323-DSC_726020110323-DSC_726320110323-DSC_7266

Here are a few things I like about these albums:

1) Each album is printed on Fuji Crystal Archival paper. Super-durable, with a nice, soft finish. And the pages are 2mm thick!

2) They come in super fun colors! Now a days there are so many options and choices when it comes to albums. I really like the method of keeping it simple. Every wedding album should be classic and simple.

3) Durable pages with a lay flat binding. That means you dont have to worry about it closing on you.

4) The black and white cover comes with it! Its so cute.

5) They are well sized and heavy and they feel good touching and feeling them.

6) They are covered with leather and like I said up above, they just feel so good to touch. They also have a linen option too.

Sizes are 12×12 10×10 8×8 and 4×4

20110323-DSC_727120110323-DSC_728220110323-DSC_7286They also make a 4×4 sized album. They are so tiny and cute! This one is also shown in linen not leather.20110323-DSC_7287

Here is an example of their linen album. They are made the same way just not made of leather and their pages arent as thick.20110323-DSC_729420110323-DSC_729520110323-DSC_7296

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