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A little while ago I put out a casting call on facebook wanting married couples who were up for something different. Happily Roxy wanted to do it- which made me excited because she is just so stinkin’ cute! She’s a photographer out of Dunn, NC. Her and Brian just passed their third wedding anniversary and are so very much fun.

So, I know this might not look different to you, but it is. It is Beloved and Beloved is all about you. Its not about me. Its not about the cool poses I can make you do. Its just about you and your love for each other. This was my first go at a session with a different way of doing things and changing the way Im thinking throughout a session. Let me know what you think??20110620-DSC_9259

Brian, you make the best faces. The End.20110620-DSC_928020110620-DSC_929620110620-DSC_931420110620-DSC_931920110620-DSC_9323

These two are my favorites!20110620-DSC_938420110620-DSC_945120110620-DSC_949620110620-DSC_952620110620-DSC_952920110620-DSC_953120110620-DSC_956020110620-DSC_956220110620-DSC_957020110620-DSC_957120110620-DSC_9637

I still cant remember why Brian made Roxy fly like that..oh well. She IS ok.:)20110620-DSC_964120110620-DSC_972620110620-DSC_976120110620-DSC_9764

you guys better frame this one. BIG20110620-DSC_976520110620-DSC_977020110620-DSC_9785

I couldnt leave the session without a jumping shot.20110620-DSC_9800

then, I got in on one too. Isnt my jump awesome. I didnt go there expecting to get my photo taken.. so excuse the.. maternity clothes 😉20110620-DSC_9805

roxy - Thank you for the beautiful images, Hilary!!!

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