Save Century Ballroom

I know most of you know I am a Lindy hopper. Dancing is my favorite thing next to being with my family and photography. I was quite upset when I heard about the ” opportunity to dance tax” WA just dropped on several local businesses who host dances. While I don’t often get up to Seattle to dance I would hate to be able to make the drive up and NOT be able to dance so I felt like I needed to get involved a little however I could.

This was taken from the Century Ballroom website:

“Two years ago Washington’s Department of Revenue reinterpreted an obscure tax and, without notice, started applying it to businesses such as ours. This has become known as the “opportunity to dance” tax.

The details of this tax are set forth below if you’re interested. The short version of the story is that the State started to enforce this tax by selectively auditing several local nightclubs and one dance hall, the Century Ballroom. We are now faced with a penalty of $92,000, due in three months . With the threat of this looming for almost two years, we have been altering our programming and adjusting prices while negotiating with the State. Unfortunately, our efforts have fallen far short of raising the required funds.


EEK! That is a WHOLE lot of dough there folks! They’ve raised a little already but they need some help with the rest. So, for any sessions booked until April 1st, 2013 (it would be awesome if they actually happened in March too) I will be donating HALF the session fee to Century Ballroom to help them out with this silly tax.  My March is pretty much WIDE open for sessions (except for the weekends) so let’s help save Century Ballroom. If you’re interested in booking a photo session email me at The session doesn’t have to take place before April, just put on the calendar with your deposit (does not apply to weddings.)

If youre not too keen on photos but would still like to help:

You may also send gifts by mail. Make checks payable to Hallie Kuperman and send to Century Ballroom 915 East Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98122. (Please note that we cannot accept gift checks payable to Century Ballroom.)

If you have any additional questions, or want to find out more about our progress with the Department or our upcoming “Dance In” in Olympia, please contact Hallie directly at or by phone Monday through Friday at (206) 324-7263.

Another way you could contribute is to reach out to your legislators in Olympia. Tell them that you disagree with the Department of Revenue’s reinterpretation of this tax and that there should not be taxes in addition to B&O and admission tax for the opportunity to dance at any venue in the state.

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