Eric & Nicole :: The Proposal

 One of the real main reasons I am so in love with this job is that it is ALWAYS different. You really never know what you’re going to get to see and photograph next. I really love when people hire me to capture “moments” in their life that will be told for the rest of their lives. Birth days, wedding days, proposals, first time a daddy meets a baby, etc. They are all such important moments and a lot of the time all you have are those memories to think back upon. Photos help you remember. Eric messaged me a few weeks ago about his plans and I was so glad I was available and willing (of course!) They love Seattle, it was the first place they took a trip to (they came over from Spokane) and they were here for just one night. They also just celebrated their first dating anniversary. Who knew would be so awesome for these two? He says it was love at first sight on their first date. I love that. I love hearing stories about people”just knowing.” <3

He made reservations to dine in the super awesome rotating SKY CITY RESTAURANT so we did too.On Saturdays and Sundays they have a brunch menu and Ill tell you what it was WAY better tasting than the $20 hamburger we got 5 years ago. Of course, it was double the price, but I think if youre going to make the trip up, eat on a weekend.

 Of course they sat us VERY close to each other so we took a few photos of them while we were eating needle proposalseattle engagement photography

beautiful seattle sunset

Mark Pacura - So much love in every single photo!

Kat Forsyth - So cute! I’ve always wanted to photograph a proposal! But huge pressure on you, especially with so many people getting in the way! Well done!

Victoria Hershman - This is awesome!! And I love the Jack photo bomb! Awesome job!

Heather Brantingham - Dude! Hillary, these are so great! I love them…

Lindsey Pav - SWOON!!!!!!!! <3

Jouni - Awesome place for a proposal. Lovely light at the end.

Brian Kraft - Ok, that’s just completely awesome!

bryan - YES

/mariahedengren - Cool place to propose.

Yolande Marx - Aaah! I’m such a romantic and this is just too good! Well done on capturing this special moment for them and nice sunset! Congrats to the lovely couple!

Paul Von Rieter - Space Neeedly goodness! love it. Seattle is the raddest. Seriously killer shots.

John - Oh wow, what a location! Love it, the photos at dusk especially are spectacular.

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