Seven Eleven Day!

I was reminded on facebook yesterday that today 7-11s were giving out FREE SLURPEES. So I thought that might make a good photo of the day. If for some reason (youre probably living under a rock) you dont know, I take a photo of my son every day and I have since he was born. You can see the most recent photos here. 

Anyway, we waited for Neil to get off work and dinner to be done and made it a family thing. We showed up around 7:11PM and they were all out. BOOO. So we got a large anyway. He approves. He also thinks it makes a perfect eleven 7/11My favorite is that last shot of him so sad it was gone. Just a little pouter mcpouterson.

hildog - If im not there whoever is watching him takes a photo. I have missed 2 days but was lucky enough to remember when he was sleeping or right before he woke up or something of the sort. I let that count still. 😉

michelle - WOW. A picture everyday, that is awesome. Have you ever missed a day? What if you don’t see him that day, does someone else do it for you? Love that idea.

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