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Happy Trails | Seymour Johnson AFB Photographer

This family is near and dear to me. They were part of our first operational squadron and came in right after us. My husband deployed twice with Guns and his wife and I were pregnant with our first born children at the same time. Their daughter is just a few days younger than our Jack. […]

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Endeavor Launch

So my husband is a lucky guy and got to watch the shuttle yesterday from the skies. He was able to take some photos and I figured Id share them with you cause.. they are pretty cool. Were hoping to make it down to Florida for the next and last shuttle in July. Enjoy and […]

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Andrew - Do you have the shots in the original resolution?

joteri - Awesome…Thank You

Tricia - Wow that is amazing! Great photos. Thanks for sharing!!

Jodie - Amazing pics!

Jessica @Jessica Keener Photography - WOW! What an amazing thing to witness from the sky! Really nice shots.

Denne Jo - That is so awesome! I wonder if they could get a glimpse/see the jets? Makes me realize how cool our husbands jobs are! Thanks for sharing!

Jeff - you misspelled Endeavour….UGH!

Mary - These pics are amazing. Thank you to you and to your husband for all that he does!!!

Jessica E. - So cool! Score one for the AF wife!

Amber - So cool!

Angie - Freaking Awesome!

Alicia - ummm can we say freaking AMAZING!!!! I am sooooooo jealous! I went to NAS the other day and watched hubble at the imax, and just dreamed that I was going to be able to see this launch. sigh.

Marillyn Suarez - What a unique perspective! These photos are great. Thanks so much, Neal for sharing.

Welcome Home Rockets | Part 2

Neils home! He got home VERY late Tuesday night. And I am so super glad he’s back. These first few photos are from that night. I tried not to have my camera out all night and instead try and enjoy the moment rather than capture it. Especially since I had friends Autumn of Reminiscing Moments […]

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Colin's Dad - thanks much for the photos, I’m grinnin ear to ear. wish I were there but glad to see it.

Charlotte's Dad - Thanks, your pictures are the next best thing to being there. They give me goosebumps!

Autumn Harrison - AMAZING GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I truly admire your talent!

Welcome Home Rockets!!

Today started the beginning of the end of the deployment. We have been waiting it seems like forever for March to be here and it IS FINALLY HERE. With it being here that means that babies are going to start being born right and left. As a matter of fact one was born yesterday. So […]

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Martha - Our thoughts and prayers have been with all of YOU! THank God the ROCKETS are home! Bless all of you! from Mars’ mom

Chainsaw - Awesome… brings tears to my eyes cause that was me 20 years ago after Desert Storm. Welcome Home Rockets, see the rest of you soon!!!

Valerie - Thanks for sharing, Hilary!!!

Laura - I mean, “These” are priceless!! :-)

Laura - This are priceless!! I have tears in my eyes as I look through these pictures. You’ve captured the moment so well!!

Angie - Great pictures Hilary! The squadron is so lucky to have you there to document. Made the tears flow for sure. Glad it’s over for ya’ll!

Don Thelen - Thanks for sharing these special moments.

Jessica - Yea yea yea yea!!!! So excited for you!!

Safe Travels Rockets!

Neil’s squadron deployed. Little Isabella is getting big! She’s at 2 months now. The next night some more of the guys left. Barbara looks nervous and excited! little William knows to look at me 😉 I like that flag. and they’re gone.

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Welcome Home Rockets!! « Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers | Hilary Mercer Photography | Capture Happy - […] started the beginning of the end of the deployement. We have been waiting it seems like forever for March to be here and it IS FINALLY HERE. With it […]

Jerry Thomas - Hilary,

Jennifer Gunn is my daughter. I am so proud of her, Philip, my grandchildren and all the men and women who are serving our great Nation. The sacrifices they make, as well as those made by the families who stay behind, are more than most will ever comprehend. I have been a part of the military for over 41 years now and seeing these pictures means more to me than words can say. Thank you for taking them and sharing them with us. You have a real talent. To all the Rockets, God Speed!!

cathy - These are beyond words- I have tears streaming down my face- thanks guys for all you do for us!!! Thanks wives…great pictures

Jennifer Gunn - Hilary, you make me swell up with pride again just seeing these!! Your talent is amazing!!

Tonya Jaime - HILARY! LOVE IT!!! You are so awesome!!!