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Leiani + Michael are engaged! | Chambers Bay Wedding Photography

I would like to introduce to you a fine couple getting married here in Washington in October. Meet Leiani and Michael. I met them at The Old General Store’s open house in Roy, Wa. That is where their wedding will be held. Remember my photos I took back in February of the space? I think […]

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Barbara Hughes - OH! I am seeing these pictures for first time 6/13/2012. They are amazing. I especially drawn to black and white photos – with Leiani peeking over Michael’s neck and you only see her one eye. And I love picture you chose for your wedding invitation. All so very exciting. Thank you for sharing all of this.

Leiani Okinello (aunt) - Absoluetly FABULOUS photography of two FABULOUS people in love!
Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures….

Steve & Chris - Such wonderful pictures of an amazing couple “Good Job!!”

Stephanie Rasmussen - You two look really good together. Absolutely amazing! I love the posses and definitely the amazing beautful background. Congrats

Alice - Great photos! Great couple!

Teresa - My favorite is the 4th pics where it’s a close up of the both of them smiling… But also love the rest of them.. Thank you for sharing them with everyone; )

Michael (Big Brother) Nichols - Hilary, you are extremely talented and definitely has an eye for angles. And of course it helps that that you had such a perfect couple to work with. I just hope the babies look like her;-) lol. Bravo!

Becky - Love the Pic’s they are AWESOME!

Terah Wicker - loveeeeeeeeeeee you guys!!!! & the photos :)

valeri - They all look Fantastic!!! Great location :)

Carly - Love them! You guys look amazing!

Heather - Awesome, vibrant shots..packed with personality!! Beautiful :)

Jennifer - Absolutly breath taking!!!

Arielle - I love these! :)

-Betsy - They are all beautiful photo’s, esp the last photo of them holding hands and jumping it really shows the sunset.Also loved the one of them laughing together

AShley - SO CUTE!!! I love them, the colors are so vibrant!

Tyler - Phreaking Phenomenal Photos!

Lona Graves - AWESOME photos. Wow, the photographer did a great job and you both look AMAZING!

cassandra - Such a beautiful couple!!!

Erin Thim - I love these pics!!! So glad they went there. Favorite is her laughing with him looking to whisper in her ear. Great work!

Traci Newberry - Check you guys out! HOT STUFF!!

John - Great set! The first shot is epic :)

Daniel Dunlap - Beautiful work! I love the colors, the location, and the couple seems like they were super fun to work with!

Paul Von Rieter - Hilary! this is pure rock and roll. Love this set, all of the rad angles and dynamic lighting. Beautiful work!

Danica Donnelly - beautiful shots!! love that ring!

Stephen Rotondo - Stunning images Hilary! Especially that final sunset shot – great!

matt stanton - Love these, awesome light and that ring is divine!

Edward Maurer - Cute, playful, fun. Love these.

Lesley Pattinson - What a cute couple and such a fab location for a shoot, some gorgeous images!

Star - These are amazing!

James - Fantastic work…and what vivid colours! You did a great job

Tracy Morter - Lovely and vibrant! These must have made them smile!

Tamra Hart | Crendo Photography - Very nice set of images! Love the way you used the architectural elements to frame the couple.

Kelsie Taylor - Great work! Love the last few shots with them in the purple flowers!

Sarah | University Place Photographer

So I was out taking Jacks 365 photo and we were heading back to the car to pack up when I saw this gal. I let her walk on by as I admired her beautiful purple hair and adorable dress. I thought to myself, “gee, Id like to photograph her!” I told Neil and he […]

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Jack is ONE! | Cake Smash |Tacoma Childrens Photography

I have been looking forward to this little guy to turn one for quite some time now. I think I had a baby so he could smash cake. I was quite excited about him getting to do things he has never done before. It turns out, he really likes icing instead of cake.The next few […]

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Megan Morgan - OMG! I love them all, Hilary! How nice that you got a family photo in there as well. Jack is just so lucky to have awesome and fun parents like you guys. :)

Melissa Avey - Cambridge Lifestyle Photographer - These are great! I love the balloons!!!

Katrina Shepard - omg I looooovvvveeee all the balloons!! so adorable!! they turned out sooo cute!!

Katrina + Rob | Fort Lewis Pre Deployment Session

Two things about Katrina and Rob that you need to know. 1) They are adorable. 2) They really love each other. Rob was part of the EOD unit that deployed from Fort Lewis late last week. So I hope these photos make your time go a little faster Katrina. It is always so hard to […]

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Christine David - Looks like I might get to be lucky comment number 15. These photos are beautiful and I’m sure they’ll treasure them for a lifetime.

Samantha - Only you could turn out such amazing pictures with such crazy weather!!! These are so beautiful!!!!

Crystal - Awesome pics!

Cris - Amazing pictures! What a beautiful job! Thank you for doing these kinds of photoshoots – they are so appreciated.

Julie - I love the ones with the rainbow behind you two! It just looks so magical and romantic!

Melissa S. - Beautiful!!

Aunt Helen - Love, love, love the photos and agree with Hilary. Katrina and Rob are so in love and so adorable. I really like the photo where Rob is lost in Katrina’s shoulder, so much emotion in that photo even though you can’t see their faces. You did a great job Hilary, but then you had great subjects.


Michelle Steinke - Wow, love these! Just beautiful…..great work and gorgeous subjects. :-)

Amanda - I love the black and white one that’s the two of them hugging. Very poignant.

Jessica - Love them all

Katrina Shepard - Oh These came out so much better than I could have even hoped for! you are beyond amazing Hilary!! :) totally put a smile on my face!!

Nikki V - I love how the rainbow came out just for them. So pretty.

Giselle - I just teared up reading your blog. I LOVE the fact that it was storming and changing. It’s so true we go through so many changes and ups and downs not only during deployment but during their entire careers. I think these pictures are a beautiful symbol of that. Congrats on the five year anniversary!

Sheila - Love especially the ones in the middle where her hair is messy. They love each other so much! It’s obvious. :)