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Mary and her blue eyes | DuPont Childrens Photographer

It seems like it had been forever since I had a little girl in the studio and when Mary’s mama mentioned to me she wanted to book, I was THRILLED. It was the day before Valentines day too so we had some fun hearts in there too. It was so much fun playing “dress up” […]

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Julie - Awww, you have the cutest studio set-up!!!

Achievement Unlocked – Allen is ONE! | DuPont studio Photographer

Allen came in a few days after his birthday to celebrate it! He is so adorable and funny.  He goes from happy laughing to really sad in like half a second. Half the time I honestly just couldnt tell, made me giggle. Kids can be so funny sometimes. I currently have a studio session special […]

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Fishing with Jack | Tacoma Childrens Photographer

This “session” has been in my head for quite a while now. I had always planned on it being here I was just waiting for the right day. A day where we had nothing to do but play and we didn’t have to be anywhere. Today was that day.He had a lot of fun and […]

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Heather - So cute! Love this idea.

Heather Brantingham - Oh Hilary, this session is too freakin’ cute!

Little Mady | DuPont Childrens Photographer

A little cutie came into the studio and she has grown, OH so MUCH over the last 10 months. I was fortunate enough to be there the night she was born back in October so it is even more fun to watch her grow! She was all smiles at the studio.. until I tried to […]

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Tanja - This is adorable! I love all the details you captured. :)

Ashley - How cute is she?! Love these!

Sarah - She is so adorable! Love all the comical shots too!

Rustic Barn Wedding - SO cute!! Love these :)

jenn of hello|inspira - awhhh she is adorable!!

Alison Dunn - Love her outfit and the shots with her big headband!

Natasha - What a little cutie- especially <3 the melt down photo!!!