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Claudia | Fresh 48 | Goldsboro Newborn Photography

Claudia knew not to disappoint her mama by being late. She arrived earth side on her due date January 17th. I met up with them at Wayne Memorial Hospital the day after she was born to meet her and take some of her first photos. She is the spitting image (why do they say spitting […]

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Cole Michael |Fresh 48 | Goldsboro NC

Cole Michael is here and he is a boy! His parents waited ever so patiently to find out and i’m quite impressed, it’s not something Id be able to do! I met up with his adorable family the day after he was born at the hospital here in Goldsboro, Wayne Memorial. He slept most of […]

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Declan Ryder | Fresh 48 | Goldsboro Newborn Photographer

This little guy’s older siblings are ALL born in February but this little man wanted to stand out, he held out til March. It’s flu season here in NC still and their rules are that no one under the age of 12 are allowed in the hospital. Two days is a LONG time to go […]

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Michael Knox | Goldsboro Newborn Photographer

Last week Michael Knox was brought earth side at 36 weeks here in Goldsboro. You wouldn’t know it though, he was still over 8lbs!  I was fortunate to be there for one of Michael’s big moments, the moment his big brother and big sister got to meet him. I also got to document him while […]

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The Birth of Mary Cecilia | Goldsboro Birth Photography

Jayne is a strong woman. She birthed little Mary out with Z E R O pain meds and super quick all while her husband is deployed overseas. Her doula,  Tricia Croom was right by her side the whole time. She definitely helped calm her down and I think was the main reason Jayne had the […]

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Tricia Croom - Stunning! So privileged to have the opportunity to share this moment with you Hilary. You are a wonderful photographer and I am looking forward to working with you again.