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Tacoma Newborn Photographer | Introducing Jack!!

Jack Romeo Mercer April 12, 2011 5lbs 7 oz 20 inches 100% awesomeness Im a mom! Its awesome. He is awesome and the greatest little model one could ever hope for. Its been a little hard to keep up with his photos but Im doing my best (along with keeping up with everyone elses’.) Here […]

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jessie - *sigh* he’s amazing, hilary! :)

Ashley - I love all of your pictures of little Jack. You and Neil are great parents, and I love the picture of Neil looking at Jack. I want to see more pictures of you and Jack! That is one of my biggest regrets, not getting too many pictures of me and Christopher when he was wee.

Sarah Gardiner - What a beautiful baby boy! The pics are great!!!

Sheila - So beautiful!

annie - Congratulations! He is precious <3

suzanne @ pretty swell - These are stunning! He is just beautiful. Congratulations, momma!

Alicia - hilary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even express my feelings!! he is absolutely perfect. the scale picture is to die for!!! it’s the first picture I’ve seen of him with his eyes open and he’s just so wonderful!!!

Autumn Harrison - Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a handsome man!

Marilyn Suarez - Dear Hilary and Neal, I am so happy for Jack Romeo. He really lucked out on the mommy and daddy pool. The album is absolutely beautiful, as is Jack, and so very unique and precious. Enjoying each lovingly shot detail. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kate - Congratulations, Hilary! He’s beautiful and so perfect. Fantastic shots, too. :-)

Jillian | Ten days new!

In preparation for my own little one on the way I am offering a few select complimentary newborn sessions. So if you happen to know anyone expecting from now until the end of February send them my way. Baby Jillian is one of those lucky sessions. She took a while to get to sleep as […]

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Angela - AWWWWW:) I got to hold and nuzzle on Jillian last night:) How precious!

Laila | Fayetteville Newborn Photography

Laila is ten days old! She’s still just as cute as she was when she popped out though! While mom was changing I got to spend some time with dad. I’m a big fan of both his tattoos and hers so obviously I wanted to give them a little showcase too. I wish her eyes […]

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Becky Griffin - Hi Hillary, I am the proud Grandma. I met you the night Laila was born. You have done a wonderful job with your creative ability to make all these photos so special and personal. Love them all. My best wishes to you and your husband. Blessings to you. Becky

Shelby | Goldsboro Newborn Photography

Meet 10 day old Shelby. She took a while to show up (poor Mom.) You might remember Shelby’s mom Nikki from a few weeks ago. This cradle is a family heirloom of theirs. Nikki’s grandfather made it for her when she was a baby and its been passed around the family for a while and […]

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Misty - precious! I love the one with her feet hanging off the basket!

Madison | Goldsboro Childrens Photographer « Hilary Mercer! Photography - […] Madison | Goldsboro Childrens Photographer August 24th, 2010 « Shelby | Goldsboro Newborn Photography […]

Beth - These are gorgeous! What a cutie!

Donna - OMG, they are BEAUTIFUL!! I will be spending a fortune on them.

Nikki V - OMG, they look awesome!!! Except I’ll def have to have our fam pic taken again when I’m not so sleep deprived and my hair looks a more normal color…lol Maybe at Shelby’s 3-6 mo photos.

LOVE how you made our feet pic work! It came out AWESOME!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Also LOVE the changing table pic…great idea. So cute!

April Leggett - I love the black and white feet! Great capture!

Mary Tilton - Congratulations!!! She is beautiful just like her mommy and sister.

meet charlie, she’s new here. | goldsboro newborn photography

Charlotte or Charlie is a cute little baby. She is probably the best baby I have photographed although it might have been my new bean bag. I really like newborns and I really wish I could meet more of them. They are my favorite subjects to photograph besides couples and lindy hoppers. I really like […]

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Bonnie Moen - What a cutie! These pictures just make you want to pick her up and give her a good cuddle. Thanks for sharing these. I can go to sleep smiling.

Joyce Heppner - Oh my gosh, made my day. She is just beautiful.
Wish i could hold her.Thanks for letting me know and sending pictures.Mary you are in heaven. Hugs to everyone. See you when you get home.Glad all is well. Joyce

(Great Aunt) Kristen Martin - WOW, these are so wonderful. Being on the West Coast, I’m so glad to see that my family can produce such great kids! Thanks!

Nikki V - Awww, so darn cute!

Linda Morrisset(California Grammie - WONDERFUL PICTURES! I will certainly want to buy some later. lease let me know when they are available for purchase! Linda Morrisset