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2014 Favorites

This year has been a fun one. I have had some really amazing clients this year and a lot of you have turned into people I call my friends and that makes me happy. I switched “specialty’s” and it has been awesome. Capturing real life really gets me excited. I just love the raw, love […]

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David Woodcock - This is a lovely selection of portraits.

Night Night Jude | Raleigh Documentary Photography

Jude’s mom and I go WAY on back to.. say.. 2010 ish. One of our first emails was her messaging me about birth photography. I found it pretty amazing that she was inquiring before there was even a baby in her belly and I was honestly so completely flattered especially since she too is a […]

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Burgers + Bubbles | Raleigh Lifestyle Photographer

Shivani is a mama in my moms group and wanted me to join them on a typical afternoon of grilling and having fun in the backyard. You know I was down for that. It was a super fun afternoon and I was so glad I could be there to see all the fun they have. […]

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Seattle Beloved Photographer | Roxy + Brian | Beloved

A little while ago I put out a casting call on facebook wanting married couples who were up for something different. Happily Roxy wanted to do it- which made me excited because she is just so stinkin’ cute! She’s a photographer out of Dunn, NC. Her and Brian just passed their third wedding anniversary and […]

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roxy - Thank you for the beautiful images, Hilary!!!

Tacoma Portrait Photographer | A Super Sweet Family

a family so sweet bees were hanging all around them. Autumn has been at all my major life events over the past 4 months. And surprisingly enough there have been a lot of them. My husband coming home from war, me being el preggo, giving birth and then she was there to help document Jack’s […]

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Batu - Wow! The photos are fasinattc! It’s too bad that when I had Keith, I didn’t know anyone doing maternity photography. Having a child is an event of a lifetime and should be captured with great class and beauty.

Jessica @Jessica Keener Photography - Loving the one where they are framed with the corn stalk, the street crossing/hand holding, and the adorable “eating” shot. Bah, so cute!

Brittany - these are FABULOUS pictures! you’re so talented!

Autumn - You will probably see Casey and I come to look at these ALL DAY today lol. I am swooning over here! :)

Roxy - I am a fan of that tattoo! and this photography of course.