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Alexandra + Kenny | Finally Engaged! | Seattle Wedding Photographers

My goodness. These photos have been a long time coming. Alex and I went to high school together. She’s one of my best friends. When I take photos of friends, I like to include a few photos as as blast from the past. This next photo always cracked me up. Alex is the tallest and […]

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Derek Martinez - What an awesome session, really dig these!

Porter - absolutely LOVE the one of him holding her in archway, beautiful work hilary!

Giselle - I am n love with the light pictures under the arch, and the ring photos!! Omg gorgeous! Yay! So excited for those two!

small - Love the blast from the past photos! So fun to work with friends, and you did a great job!

Adonye Jaja - sweet set, well done!

Naomi - The picture of him picking her up, under the arch, is utterly perfect.

Albert Palmer - Congratulations! These are beautiful.

rahul - awesome story and stunning images!!! you found some magical light!

Rae - Love it!! Beautiful tones and happy faces!! A sweet tribute to your friends :)

meet the jeffersons | a mount baker wedding

Laura and Tyler got married in one of the most gorgeous locations I have shot at. It was at a little spot called Wandering Waters up near Mount Baker. Their whole day was fun and unique. Their wedding day was perfect too, not too hot not too cold. It didn’t rain and it was sunny […]

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Matt & Ali | The Wedding! | Washington Wedding Photographer

 Matt and Ali are a terrific couple. I feel like I have got to know them quite well over the past few months. Their wedding was just as fantastic as they are. Though.. I’m not too sure about there friends. I’m a bit concerned that I was the only one willing to even TRY at […]

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Jean - Those dress & detail shots are killer. Great couple, location, emotions you captured! Love this set!

ayesha - the personal details at this wedding are so beautiful and you captured them perfectly! love the smiles and tears and laughs throughout – great storytelling in this post :)

porter - i LOVe your attention to all the gorgeous details at this wedding. those dress shots are perfection

Kellee Walsh - Beautiful Hilary! Love all the details, you’ve captured the day wonderfully.

Daniel - Stunning work!! The dress shot hanging in the doorway stopped me in my tracks!

Julianne Markow - so many cute details, beautiful work!

ryan chan - Really great job in capturing all the little details of this wedding! Such great work.

Emily Porter - Great detail shots!! And I love the shot of the trucks driving down the muddy road and the last shot with the sparklers. Awesome set!

Tricia - you really captured their day! I love her bouquet!

Heather - Love the groomsmen’s outfits!

Jessica Horton - What a beautiful laid back day! Love all their little details!

Kat Braman - what an awesomely cool wedding! I adore all the different plates. The couple is adorable.

Brian Davis - Amazing job capturing all the details. Looks like a really fun wedding!

Alexandria Moseley - OH Hilary, you captured my dreams coming true! what an amazing photographer you are. and an awesome person. i cant wait to come visit in WA and have many more pictures taken by you! :) i loved the tags on each picture. laughed out loud on some of them :) what awesome pictures….amazing creativity….you have got it girl. thats all i can say. amen. haha

Jessica @ Jessica Keener Photography - Hilary, these are so much fun! Really neat details. Would love to eat all of the tasty treats at the reception.

Ali | Bridals! | Olympia Wedding Photographer

 I have been looking forward to last Thursday for a very long time. She is just such a wonderful person. One of those people you really want to be around. I got to spend ALL day long with her and we had an awesome time. We met up in Greensboro to do her boudoir session […]

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Naomi - Wow! Your photos are fantastic!! I want to be you when I grow up :)

Tacoma Wedding Photographers | Amanda + Brandon | Married!

I was lucky enough to assist Dan Glasgow (you can view his shots here) with Amanda and Brandon’s wedding in Wake Forest back in May. It was a lovely, hot, blue skied day with a hint of rain. There was just enough rain to cool it down and it was after the ceremony luckily! I […]

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Angie - Hilary, this wedding, and your pictures of it all are amazing!! You are so talented. Great job!

Mary Marantz - LOVE the style in this wedding!

Roxy - stellar.

Brittany - If I did my wedding again, I would do it like that, I love love love their set up and all the little wood and chalk signs! Such gorgeous pictures, simple beautiful!