The Birth of Madelyn Grace | Tacoma Birth Photographer

Holly called me at 3:30 AM on the 12th. Of course I had JUST gone to sleep. I think if a mama wants to have a baby and she’s hired me to photograph her birth I just need to stay up late one night. I run up there to hear the judgement on everything and then we decide its best I go back home. I come back in the afternoon and still not much has happened at this point. Finally around 8:00ish Holly starts pushing.

view from st joes

Little Mady is FINALLY brought into this world at 9:02pm ON HER DUE DATE(which rarely happens) October 12.

8lbs 3oz

21 inches.birth photos at st joes tacomaFeel free to turn this into 720 and not 360 so it doesn’t look blurry for ya.

The next day I went back so big brother Ethan could meet little sister.first 48 sessionnewborn photography at St Joes tacomaand of course this is my favorite photo from the whole 2ish days. LOVE tiny toes.

Sarah - Oh my!! Adorable!! Love these!

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