The Great Move back to NC | Glacier National park to Helena, Montana | Day 4

Our second day in Glacier National Park was a little better weather wise but not all too much. We hiked to 2 waterfalls and worked on Jack’s first Junior Ranger Badge!I forget now how far along I was here… Maybe 11 weeks?We were going to camp in the park that night in one of the upper campgrounds but it was freezing and raining and we just weren’t feeling it. However, we did go check out the campsite all the same. It’s known for seeing bears and of did not the time of our trip Jack’s favorite animal was the penguin so when I read about a giant penguin along the side of the road I knew to make the stop in. I think Jack was excited about it a little.

From there we started our journey to Helena, MT for the night. The journey over/down was pretty beautiful with all those rainbows we got to see for what seemed like an hour.Want to see more from our trip?

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