The Great Move Back to NC | Indianapolis | Day 14 + 15

Once we left Chicago we ventured on south toward Indianapolis. We got there right before the sun went down and our first stop was the capital there. There were also a TON of lightning bugs around. Jack was a big fan as this was his first time having seen them. It’s so fun getting to watch him experience things for the first time. Probably one of my favorite parts of watching him grow each and every day. So some if this is technically day 13 as well. The following day I met up with one of my photographer friends and her boys at the childrens museum there and its HUGE. Jack had a blast!web_0964web_0965Fun at the childrens museumweb_0966From there we were almost done with our trip. We had one last capital to stop in, Charleston West Virginia before we ventured on home.web_0967We arrived later in the afternoon and signed the papers and became official NC home owners again.web_0968This is the last of our journey from Washington to North Carolina. It was a super fun trip and I am so glad we had the extra family members to join us on it… if nothing else than to watch Jack when we needed another set of eyes. 😉 😉 Just kidding, it was really nice having them along too. A few people have asked if I wouldn’t mind telling them our itinerary as its very common for soldiers from JBLM to get stationed at Ft Bragg. This is what I had initially planned, it didnt all work out and a lot of it was a side note ( as a photographer if I felt like going to said place I mentioned) We did make a LOT of it happen though. It was so nice being able to see so much this time. When we drove across last time we just didnt have the time. It WAS so worth it to take leave so we could see a bit of the good ole USA. I used a combo of Roadside America and another road tripping website to help find some of the more random things we found along the way. I bought the APP and its nice if you like random places. We also geocached along the way and that helped us find things we wouldnt have otherwise. The good thing is that typically at every odd spot there is also likely a geocache. BOOm 2 for 1!

So here it is:

June 24 | Sleep in Spokane

June 25 | Start the drive to

Glacier Under Canvas

10780 Highway 2 East

Coram, MT 59913 Sleep there.

June 26 | Drive to Glacier NP 30 minutes to West entrance of park, set up camp( Fish Creek Campground), then leisurely drive to St Mary’s Lake for boat ride

June 27 | Head back to St Mary’s and hike to St Mary’s Falls/ Virginia Falls, Head back to Logan’s Pass – Hike Hidden Lake Nature Trail – also Triple Falls along Reynolds Creek  3 miles RT, also Garden Wall Trail

  • (St Mary Falls 0.8 miles drops 260 feet to St Mary Falls
  • Virginia Falls
  • 1.5 miles drops 260 feet to St Mary Falls (continuing trail not marked to VF’s)
  • then up just over half a mile from Saint Mary Falls and gains two hundred eighty five feet
  • to Virginia Falls
  • Drowning not Bears is the number one killer in Glacier Park)

June 28 | Drive to Helena, MT once out of park its 4hours without stops. Drive to Cut Bank, MT and see the talking Penguin, Head South to Helena

June 29 | Drive to Yellowstone NP 3 hours to entrance of YNP, upon entrance check out Mammoth Hot Springs & Undine Falls (Undine Falls are located just 4 miles east of Mammoth Hot Springs along the road to Tower Junction. Look for signs and a turnoff.), pit stop -( The 80 foot tall Gibbon Falls is located halfway between Madison Junction and the Norris Geyser Basin and is easily viewed from the road.) once done there, Old Faithful (and visitor center where they have eruption predictions) & hike to morning glory pool, set up camp at Grant Village, if we have time, sunset at Jackson Lake/ Coulter Lake, Grand Teton NP

June 30 | (Hilary – sunrise at Coulter Bay GTNP, stop in at Moose Falls – located just inside the South Entrance of the park. Park in a small turnout and walk a short distance to the top or the bottom of this 30 foot waterfall.) Head to Grand Canyon of Yellowstone/ Lower Falls & Tower Falls ( Tower Fall is easily accessible from the Tower-Roosevelt area. Just a few miles south of the Tower-Roosevelt Junction, the picnic area and viewpoint is located on the east side of the road.), then back down to Great Fountain Geyser (The Great Fountain Geyser is located on Lake Firehole Drive in Yellowstone Park between Old Faithful and the Norris Geyser Basin, in the Lower Geyser Basin.)

July 1 | (Hilary – sunrise at Yellowstone Lake) 7 hours 28 minutes without stops. Stop at MT Rushmore,set up camp, Check out Bedrock Campground/ChuckWagon dinner at Blue Bell Lodge, sunset at Sylvan Lake/lighting ceremony at MR (30 minutes after sunset), Hilary – Late night star MR shot.

July 2 | Drive to Sioux Falls, WY, hit Badlands NP on the way. Wall Drug. Sleep in Sioux Falls

July 3 | Drive to Minneapolis. Lunch with Ron (1:30pm) at Mall of America

July 4 | Visit Tom,Downtown St Paul 4th of July fun with Gramith gals

July 5 | Hang out with Mary

July 6 | Travel to Chicago 6 hours 30 minutes, Grant Park, Free Zoo, Bean, Navy Pier, eat pizza

July 7 | Travel to Indy 3 hours from Chicago,

July 8 | Kids museum til noon. Travel to West Virginia – Charleston 5 hours with no stops in Dayton

July 9 | Drive to Goldsboro – Buy house, 6 hours.

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