The Great Move Back to Nc | Mount Rushmore and Wall Drug| Day 8 & 9

Our next long part of the trip was the drive from Yellowstone to Mt Rushmore. I was glad to be able to see it at night even though I would have liked to see it with beautiful blue skies too. Such a neat spot and seriously.. who thinks to carve faces into stone? The thought is just so funny to me. However, since we have visited it Jack has pointed out the faces everywhere! He is so excited that he’s been there! I really hope in the future he still remembers all the fun things we did with him as a toddler. His life is so fun.mount rushmore at nightweb_0934Julie and Thane looked less than thrilled to be there so I told them to smile a little more.. and then the next photo happened.awkward familyand of course Jack happy as a clam.mount rushmore with toddlerOur next day we took a little quick tour into Badlands National Park and my goodness I want to go back but at sunset and not mid day! We saw a bit of wildlife though which was fun and unexpected luckily enough no rattlesnakes despite Thane’s definite sadness upon not getting to see one. Neil and Jack stayed in the truck for this stop since we were “only getting a geocache.”badlands national parkwildlife at badlands npmountain goatsFrom there we ventured directly North to take a stop at Wall Drug. Its a definite tourist attraction but really neat all the same. Fun place for the kiddos to stop and they had a splash pad and fun things to climb on outside along with gold panning and fun stores to shop in. They also had a Trex that.. came to life and yeah.. it was honestly really scary!wall drug road tripwall drug with toddlersIf you’d like to see other days from our trip click here!

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