The Great Move Back to NC | Sioux Falls to Hudson, Wisconsin | Days 10 & 11

One of my most anticipate stops was our stop at a hotel in Sioux Falls at a hotel that had a water park in it. I knew Jack would be absolutely THRILLLLLLLED. And he obviously was, we closed it down the night we got there and opened it up too the following day!sioux falls water parkpcsing with toddlersioux falls waterparkFrom there we ventured on over to the Mall of America in Minneapolis. It wasnt my first time at this mall but it was my first time partaking in the rides in the very center. This was Jacks face when I told him we had to leave the Lego store.. 😉web_0945mall of america ridesWe stayed the night with my Aunt just over the border in WI and went swimming the following day (the 4th of july) with our friends and found a fun spot to watch the fireworks over Minneapolis with them too. Jack seemed to really like the girls.web_0947minneapolis fireworksweb_0949We discovered at Disneyland this year that Jack isnt a big fan of the loud noise the fireworks make.. so we choose somewhere relatively far enough away and what do you know some people decided to give us a SUPER CLOSE show right in the park we were in. It didnt make Jack too happy but it was neat all the same I guess.4th of july minneapolisminneapolis fireworksIf you would like to see more from our trip thus far click here!

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