The Great Move Back to NC | Yellowstone National Park | Day 7

Day 7 was more of our “leisure” day. The previous day we saw a LOT but we drove a lot too especially when you add in the night expedition about an hour or so south of our tents. So we only did 2 parts of the park, Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring. Both we’re really neat. There were a billion people in line for OF waiting to see it and we ended up seeing another geyser while we were there, Beehive. Beehive > Old Faithful. Way bigger and way less people around.yellowstone national parkThat one up there.. probably my favorite I took the whole trip. I just really love it for some reason.We prepped a good amount of food before we left so we could just throw it on the fire. Most everything turned out pretty ok. The pregnant girl in me wanted non of it unfortunately. All I wanted was watermelon. Kinda hard to get when you’re on the road.:(that’s a roasted PEEP not cheese..just FIY. 😉

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