The Great Move to NC | Yellowstone National Park | Day 6

Yellowstone has always intrigued me. What an odd thing happens there. Geysers and other random things to see that arent really anywhere else. The weather really worked with us while we we’re there. Overall we enjoyed Yellowstone but I would have liked 1 more day. We saw a lot in the 2 days we were there but still missed the whole East side of the park. It was more vibrant than I expected it to be. Beautiful and vibrant skies and everything.Just 30 minutes south of Yellowstone is Grand Teton National Park. The moon was gone and I knew I wanted to get at least ONE star shot while we were on our trip. Grand Teton was our place. We didnt really end up where I would have found ideal but we made it work. It was really neat watching Jack see the milky way. He has done so much in his short 3.5 years.That was the best star shot I got.. Ill take it.:)

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