Welcome Home Rockets!!

Today started the beginning of the end of the deployment. We have been waiting it seems like forever for March to be here and it IS FINALLY HERE. With it being here that means that babies are going to start being born right and left. As a matter of fact one was born yesterday. So yay Congratulations to Nicole and Matt! Welcome to the world baby Cale!

The Air Force was nice enough to let those few soon to be dads(and already dads) with wives due in March come home first before the rest of the guys. Pretty much the only good thing the military has done good for us in a while. But thats a different story. They flew into the airport and let us be at the gate when the plane arrived. So go team USO for allowing that to be able to happen. Terminal 2 at RDU was the place to be today if you needed a good heart warming cry and everyone was thrilled that they were home the patriot guard was even there! Makes me quite excited for the weeks to come when everyone is home!20110305-DSC_5747

saying hello to baby brother:)20110305-DSC_575020110305-DSC_576120110305-DSC_576320110305-DSC_5766

Melissa actually had her little girl in November and today was the first time her husband got to meet their little one.20110305-DSC_576820110305-DSC_5769


His wife, Amanda(you might remember her maternity session a few months ago) isnt going to deliver the baby here in NC so she couldnt come up to see him. I wanted to get a few photos of him so she could see though:)He’ll be there soon Amanda!20110305-DSC_5854

Martha - Our thoughts and prayers have been with all of YOU! THank God the ROCKETS are home! Bless all of you! from Mars’ mom

Chainsaw - Awesome… brings tears to my eyes cause that was me 20 years ago after Desert Storm. Welcome Home Rockets, see the rest of you soon!!!

Valerie - Thanks for sharing, Hilary!!!

Laura - I mean, “These” are priceless!! :-)

Laura - This are priceless!! I have tears in my eyes as I look through these pictures. You’ve captured the moment so well!!

Angie - Great pictures Hilary! The squadron is so lucky to have you there to document. Made the tears flow for sure. Glad it’s over for ya’ll!

Don Thelen - Thanks for sharing these special moments.

Jessica - Yea yea yea yea!!!! So excited for you!!

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