Workshop: The Wedding Photography Society

Hello from Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Neil and I embark on our cruise tomorrow for the next 8 days and we are super excited for it! Weve needed a vacation for a while now.

A few weekends ago I participated in The Wedding Photographic Society‘s first convention held here in Durham ish Raleigh, Nc. The speakers were some of the triangles “rock star” photogs. Everyone had different opinions and brought something different to the table. They all have a different way of thinking and doing business, which just proves that you should do it your own way, the way that works for you. Don’t do something just because someone else is doing it. I really enjoyed it and I feel like I got a lot out of it. Even though a lot of it was just bringing up things I had read previously or had thought about but forgot. I really enjoyed getting to mingle with all of the photographers. Having started out not knowing too many folks in the Triangle I had a hard time. I didn’t know anyone and I was new to the whole “photography” thing too. I branched out to other photographers but got nothing back. I didn’t even want to second shoot with them, I just wanted to get coffee or lunch and chit chat. I wanted to be friends with people that liked the same things I did. So for the past 2 years Ive been kind of alone out here in Smithfield. So meeting so many people that were so nice and seemed to care was awesome. Even having been to the WPS meetings was a big help. Just knowing there are people out there that want to be friends and want to network is a great help. And of course I find all of this out with less than a year to be living here in the Triangle. Figures. Anyway, it was awesome and I’m hoping we don’t move before the next convention here in 2011.

Part of the workshop were “lens lessons” with each of the instructors. The first lesson I took was with Christobal Perez of Azul Photography. First off, I really like him. He is so accommodating to everyone and he gives good hugs, plus his strobe work is pretty fantastic. Here he is at the beginning of the session with our model Christa.


Our whole group:20100628-DSC_404520100628-DSC_4098

Next up in the lens lessons was a boudoir session with Stacy Borelli of Swank Photo Studio. She does some fantastic work with half clothed women. Having never done anything like this I was excited to learn.


These last two were my favorite!20100628-DSC_4278

Brittany - How amazing…

Misty - I’m jealous! I’d love to go to something like this! I’m so glad you had fun and I love the photos you took as always :)

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