WPPI | Las Vegas Shootout | Big Pic Crawl

Last week I had an awesome time in Las Vegas. I participated in a few shoot outs while I was out there and this was the first of the two. This first one was more of a “Pic Crawl” like a pub crawl only with “photo stations.” It was an interesting concept. There was a lot of variety in the models and it was pretty fun. It was interesting working with so many different types of models. Here are my favorites from the day. Man.. im a boring blogger.. Im glad I take good photos cause I would be TERRIBLE as a writer.20110222-DSC_432120110222-DSC_432420110222-DSC_436920110222-DSC_440220110222-DSC_443220110222-DSC_444720110222-DSC_445320110222-DSC_450520110222-DSC_453320110222-DSC_4557 copy20110222-DSC_457120110222-DSC_482520110222-DSC_490620110222-DSC_491120110222-DSC_491820110222-DSC_495820110222-DSC_4977

And some lovely credits for the awesome team that put this all together:

Hair. Makeup. Wardrobe Stylist

Elizabeth Gopwani

Carlos De Santiago

Johnathan McDonald

Gia Bang

Chantel Tull

Stepghanie Aguilar

The awesome organizers:

Emma Smith

Eric Guideng

Angela - WoW! I particularly like the “Painted Lady”!!! Some awesome shots Hil!!!

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